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This realization saddened my heart mehn. There are millions of men in Nigeria and all over the world that are married to more than one wife and neither of these women know about the other. They all feel and think they are the main wives. What prompted me to write this post was due to the fact that someone I know personally is currently enjoying this act and it hurts me a lot. Women need to be more watchful and prayerful.

One of the closest experience I know had to do with a Pastor friend of my family. This man was one of the richest pastors in my church back then. But according to someone, his office people didn't know he was a pastor. In church, he's a pastor. Outside church, he's an omo shepeteri. God forgive me😜😜. Anyway, his wife who was being addressed as Mummy Pastor was very proud. Her shoulders were always high. She no dey greet older female pastors.

She was always in the act of gossiping (chun chun chun). They both had three very lovely kids. I remember going to their house for naming ceremony way back. Gosh, those kids are beautiful! They got it from their momma. This woman was very gorgeous! Plus her beauty and her supposed husband's money, her shoulder pad increased. As we all know, one day for the thief, another day for the owner.

Years of doing ministerial work and gbagam! His secret was leaked. This Pastor had another wife somewhere who he abandoned to marry this new wife. Aha! And no one knew. There was commotion in the church. He was removed from his position and the only way he could be reinstated was by putting away this new wife and going back to his old wife. The rest they say, is history. When I later asked how far with the proud and ex-wife, I heard he gave her one of his apartments in Ogun State plus one of his Jeeps. Her shoulder pad must have fallen off!


Another experience. This man works with the government and has grownup kids. He has one wife in Nigeria and another wife in London. His wife and kids in Nigeria do not know of this estranged wife. However, I and a few other people know because he told us about it. I'm just thinking - if this man goes, how is his family going to handle the shocking realization that he had another wife in the abroad? Because obviously, she would come back to Nigeria to claim properties. Nawa o.

And there are so many men like this, littered everywhere in the country. They do it for so many reasons but hey, no reason is enough to disrespect your wife and kids by secretly marrying someone else. I know of men who have a wife in Lagos and another one in Ibadan. And they all have children for these men. These men spend time shuffling between Lagos and Ibadan. Please, if you have accident now and face Baba God from all your running around to maintain two secret marriages, wetin you gain?

Away from the humor I infused in this post, this is actually a very serious matter. I would just state some helpful points.

  • Before you marry, do a serious background check. So many men come under the pretense of being single, especially the ones over 30 years. So many married men have asked for my hand in marriage promising heaven and earth (hell acshuali because the promises of a married man is equivalent to promising free entry to hell) but as the FBI agent that I am, I did my research. The funny thing is that I caught them red handed via social media, Instagram especially. You know you want to chop life and you're still posting your family on Instagram, thinking the new wife won't find out. Lol.
  • All these travelling to one specific state every weekend, I'm not saying you should suspect your husband o. But if things are beginning to look sneaky, do your research. It might not be a business meeting. He might be travelling to meet his other wife and kids. So many unpredictable people everywhere!
  • Men who cheat have a higher probability of secretly marrying someone else. Many married men cheat without apology. I would address this in another post. I've seen many married men bring tiny girls to the office to bang them while their wives and kids await them at home. This life.
If you are a man and you have more than one wife who have no idea of the other, that's really bad and you should retrace your step because it would lead you nowhere! Unfortunately, this is the case today especially for the ones trying to secure green card outside the country. Most of them are married to black or white folks in the abroad. 

What do you think of this issue and have you had any encounter with people who have experienced this? Let me know.

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