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So, I was at the redemption camp yesterday into today and one of the highlights of the day was Nigeria's Vice President, Osinbajo, coming up to share his testimony. Make I no lie, I can't remember his full name. I should google that ASAP.

Anyway, back to my gist, he came up and everywhere was shaking. Almost everyone stood up and there were shouts of joy. Everyone stood up including me. Truth be told, I'm not an APC person neither am I a PDP person. I really wanted a young person to get elected but with my calculations, I also knew the chances of a young person winning was very low. So, I was rooting for PDP. I've had enough of the APC regime. I just wanted a breath of fresh air. Whether you're of the opinion that they ruled for 16 years and shouldn't come back is your cup of tea. We are all entitled to our own choices.

It was testimony time and people were sharing testimonies and Osinbanjo came up last, walking briskly and with a huge grin. If I was watching it on TV, I might have just smiled and watched but being there, I don't know. I dropped my entire political bias, stood up and roared with joy. Some people didn't stand up anyway. I know there are some people that are so deeply rooted in their political beliefs that even if God says otherwise, dem no go gree. Lol.

He shared two major testimonies. The first was about his deliverance from a helicopter crash at Kogi after Pastor Adeboye prophetically prayed to God for 'special protection' over him. The second one was his thanksgiving for winning the presidential election alongside Buhari. Sincerely, he looked like a school boy who just got handed a bar of candy. Lol. He appeared really excited, yet humble.

And most sincerely, I was really happy for him. I was happy that he was happy, alive and healthy. My reaction just says a lot. On a normal day, I can argue and have a different political view. I might not support his party or whatever they do but hey, party aside, this is my fellow human being. Regardless of his wrongs or rights, I should be very happy to see him happy and blossoming. I am not party to those that were saying he shiuld have 'crashed with the crash'. I think that's just dump. Whilst we are doing our best to uproot the wrongdoers amongst us, let's leave the keeping or taking of life to God.

I saw some people frown all through his testimony. Oh yea people of hardened hearts! Lol! We are in the presence of God not APC National Summit. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm here wondering what your reaction would have been or would be if the person you are politically against comes to your church to speak or share a testimony. Let me know your supposed reaction.

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