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Since the death of the first Nigerian King of Gospel Music late Evang Roland Olubukola Olomola a.k.a Baba Ara. a lot of other promising young Gospel musicians have adopted the unique style of the sacred musician called 'ARA' and prominent among of them is Evang. Michael Oluwatobiloba a.k.a Mike Alara. Mike Alara alongside Kokoro, Ajidara, Sir Tuns, Kola Arole, Bayo Apata, Nifise Ara have all become an household name as far as Ara Music is concerned in Nigeria and abroad. EMETE LIVIN met with Mike Alara to interview him as regards his Musical Career and his relationship with his late Mentor Baba Ara.

Can we meet you sir ?

Mike Ara: I'm Michael Oluwatobiloba popularly called Mike Alara or Mike Ara. I'm a Gospel musician, scholar and an all round entertainment person.

How long have you been in Music?

Mike Ara: I have been in music for the past 15 years. I started singing immediately Baba Ara my music mentor died in 2004.

What Is your relationship with Baba Ara?

Mike Ara: Baba Ara is my mentor. Through him I discovered the fact that I also have the talent and the capability to sing Undiluted Gospel Music. He was like a father, he was an angelic musician and very sacred in nature.

Can we call you Baba Ara?

Mike Ara: Don't call me Baba Ara. That name is sacred and not profane. Only God is Baba Ara, we are just ambassadors. Baba Ara my late mentor himself said people can only calm him Baba Ara but the wondermaker is in heaven. Secondly late Baba Ara is a great hero and I'm yet to become one.

What is your relationship with Baba Ara Family members and all other Singers of Ara?

Mike Ara: My relationship with Baba Ara Family has been very cordial. I speak often with Mrs Idowu Olomola a.k.a Alhaja, Sir Tuns, Baba Ara junior brother is my boss, father and mentor too. He likes me so much and I respect him. All Ara singers are all my bosses and we have a cordial relationship. We hope to plan the remembrance of Baba Ara together this year may God help us.

Apart from singing what are your plans to immortalize Baba Ara?

Mike Alara: Apart from singing I have been immortalizing Baba Ara in various ways. One, a book for him is coming soon by me titled " Gospel Music and its Ministers in Nigeria ". Secondly, all over social media - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp e.t.c have been doing greatly in the immortalization of Baba Ara.

How many records do you have ?

Mike Ara: I will say three. Onise Ara was the first which I did in 10years in remembrance of Baba Ara in 2014. Unity was another album in 2016. It was Abimbola Ogundeji a London based promoter who featured various artists in the song like dare melody, Ajogbajesu, ojopagogo and wife, okunnu, yomi olorunloaye, adegbodu twins, Femi solar and a host of others. Warning to the Nations was 2018 an Omooba production featuring Mike Alara.

Any latest work for 2019?

Mike Ara: Yes! Work has started for the release of Testament but we need financial support to cater for the studio expenses, mass production of CDs, disc jacket and so on.

Wow, whats your relationship with Baba Ara Band members?

Mike Ara: we are together always. They love me and I love them. Esther Ara is always with me and I love and appreciate her. Bengo 2, Dupe Ara, Nike Ara, Ejire my boss, Efolo meji, Bukky Ara etc.

Are they still together as a band ?

Mike Ara: No

Why ?

Mike Ara: They are in the best position to explain why.

What do you need to make your talent become known than this ?

Mike Ara: I need financial and spiritual support. It pains me a lot because I know I'm a gifted musician but there are no promoters yet.

You sing Ara but what makes you unique among others ?

Mike Ara: My Uniqueness lies in my songs. I'm not a Musician that repeats Baba Ara's songs. I took the pattern but my own songs.

Are you married with kids?

Mike Ara: (Laughs) Married No! I'm single but not searching.

I read Baba Ara died of cocaine. How true ?

Mike Ara: I won't address that now. But watch out for the book to be released soon. But its all false. Baba Ara was a devoted Christian. The most spiritual person I've ever met, very disciplined man. The rumor was just part of the challenges of stardom.

Which church do you attend ?

Mike Ara: I was born into the Christ Apostolic Church but Ara music took me to the celestial church so I combine the two.

How ?

Mike Ara: As the spirit directs.

Make a shout out to your fans

Mike Ara: To all Baba Ara Fans worldwide, Mike Alara fans, I celebrate you all and I love you. The truth is we can't be like Baba Ara. But I promise to try, by singing songs that are edifying and reasonable. The music message that will continue to thrill you. Just give us a trial and support us.

Baba Ara Family ?

Mike Ara: Baba Ara Family and band I love you all. Alhaja my mother, thanks for been there always. Sir Tuns you are wonderful, Dolapo and co, you are simply the best.

Who is your manager in case people want to invite you?

Mike Ara: My manager is Engr. Toby Legend of Tripotech studios. You can reach us on 09071858173 or 07030131800. You can add me on Facebook: Mike Alara or follow me on Instagram: Mike Alara or like my page Mike Alara Music.

Your greatest goal ?

Mike Ara: To win souls to the Kingdom of God. And to bring back the title of the King of Gospel Music back to Ara Music

Thanks for you time.

Mike Ara: Its my pleasure.

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