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We'll be having more career posts now since I'm in that phase of my life. And you might be in that phase of your life too or you might have tarried there for a long time. It can be really stressful when you are ready to start making the moolah and no job is forthcoming. Oh, I can imagine the stress and disappointment. To worsen the case, you might be slapped in the face with so many pictures of your friends and foes at their work place and waterview.

The thing is to not BEAT YOURSELF. No, don't do that. You can only do your best and leave the rest for God. In the spirit of doing your best, here are some of the things you can do in the main time before you get the job of your dreams.


You really do need to keep your income steady and you can only do this if you have a steady hustle. Anything, just do something! It doesn't really have to do with what you're passionate about. We would talk about passion later but for now, you need to have access to a particular source of income. And yes, you are allowed to start as many hustles as possible. Even if na to open shop in front of your house or start an e-commerce business or start selling something or venture into networking, the koko is for you to have something that brings in money. This is very key and important.


Its no brainer that it is also very important to know what you love doing and you can easily identify this by knowing what drives you and what you like to do in your spare time. You can build a career around your passion. You get warrameen? Lol. So, if you have a passion for singing, why don't you start writing songs and recording? If you have a passion for writing, why don't you start a blog or a writing company or write for companies and waterview? If you have a passion for dancing, why don't you start uploading your dance videos online? Figure out your passion and work around it. Its very important to have a hustle first so that regardless of whether your passion brings in money immediately or not, you can still stay focused because you already have a source of income.


Every connection matters. This is not the time to be forming. You need people to get to wherever you are. Like Dr. Dipo said on Twitter, there is nothing like 'Self Made'. People contributed to help people get to wherever they are. So, to get the job of your dream, you will obviously need people - a lot of people. So, regardless of wherever you are, make sure to network and build valuable connections. You can't say, they might know someone who might know someone that can help you up the ladder.


Nothing beats researching. Keep researching and finding out the latest jobs and keep sending out your CV. One day, you'll get called and would pass all the processes and get your dream job! Just keep doing your bit especially if your hustle isn't paying as much as you want and you still require a job to support your needs. Do not relent!


Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm just kidding. Do not get married till you're financially stable and secure. So, zero this from your mind for now. The most important thing is to be very prayerful. Nothing beats been prayerful and God would direct your path.

And a bonus!



You know I love adding 'fisi' and 'jara' to my lists. Lol. Why don't you further your studies? Why don't you go for your masters or get a PhD degree? Why don't you register for a professional course? This would help build your CV and also keep you busy in the main time. Also, it would also give you enough space and time to job hunt well whilst still doing something. You could ponder on this option if you just have a single degree.

In all of these, it's very key to exercise patience, be more thoughtful and prepare ahead. Don't let nothing catch you unprepared. What other tips would you give a job hunter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. 1.Pick up a skill(handiwork) my dad gave me a shop in front of his house to run my hair salon, that's what I did after service year before I got a good job. Though it wasn't really booming in the area, but I had money to buy sanitaries, tfare for interviews, I don't have to be at my parents face all the time.
    2. Don't wait years hoping for that mouth watering job. If the job is paying just some thousands take it to gather experience, we are in Nigeria where they want someone not above 25years old with 20 years experience(I'm sorry) to fill a position. My first job(2014)paid me #15,000 per month, but it was close to my house and I wanted to gather some experience. Though I wasn't paid well, but I learnt how to relate with people in a work environment and the experience, I added to my CV and it boosted my chance of securing my current job.
    3. Learn everything about Microsoft office suites(word, excel(priority), PowerPoint, outlook and so on). Don't just use your system to watch movies o. No employer would employ someone that can't operate a system well.

    4. Be bold, be courageous, put a smile on your face. Its okay to panic when going for an interview. But your interviewer is a human being like you, don't let fear over shadow you. Be Bold

    5. But firstly..Make sure you always pray. God never forsake his children


    1. This is such a beautiful comment! You see that number 3 gangan lo se koko. You're spot on! Thanks for enlightening us!