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Hey guys! What's up? Today, being a beautiful Saturday, is a great time to have a relationship talk, yunno. We are more relaxed and open-minded and can therefore think better, you know warrameen? Lol.

So I saw a series of tweets on a friend's WhatsApp status where a lady admonished guys from 29 and above to try and settle down as soon as possible regardless of their financial status. She explained that if they keep waiting till when they'll "hammer" and their destiny is not "hammering" any soon, when exactly would they marry? So, she said they should get married even if their pay in addition with their wife's pay equals 150k and they can also settle in a self contain whilst saving up and hoping for the best. This is the summary of the tweets.

I gave my opinion on my WhatsApp status. By the way, if you're not following my WhatsApp status, sorried. Lol. It's just for family and friends anyway.

Now, talking from a personal perspective, I'll say...and first off, this is my personal opinion. You might have a different view. Anyway, personally, and in this age and time, I don't think I can settle down with a man who's still living in a self contain. Oh please! I can talk this way because apparently, I'm not ready to get married just yet. We can start talking about that in 2/3 years. So between now and 2/3 years, I think we should both be praying mixed with hardwork to make the dough...enough to afford a very comfortable 2 bedroom flat for a start.

Living in a self contain is very fine for a bachelor. I don't mind dating someone who's in that rank right now. But before getting married, I think there are some things that should have been put in place. Your ministry should have moved forward to some extent.

I was talking to my mom earlier about it and she was like " this age and time, it doesn't make sense except he has a future."

Talking about all these "having a future talks", at 29, your future suppose to be shining to some extent. My view anyway. At 29, you should either have moved from self contain or should be saving up or planning to move out of there. If you're still living with your parents, well, God help you!

We are in a very critical time and everyone needs to work extra hard. As a lady, I don't mind giving up most of my salary to see we can get a very nice and comfortable 2 bedroom flat. Of course, the 2 bedroom would contain a nice kitchen and waterview. We should be able to come back to a "homely house". Not the one that we're squeezing ourselves and our loads inside one self contain. Mbanu!

Also, I beg to differ. Our destinies are very different. It could be that you've hustled so hard but at 29, e never still click. I don't think you should then rush into marriage just to save time. No. Please, marry when you are ready which importantly includes finances. There's nothing wrong in marrying in your 30s. The fact that you marry early doesn't mean your marriage would work and vice versa. The key is for everyone to be ready in all ramifications.

So, left to me, I can't marry a man who's still living in a self contain. I'd rather wait a bit for things to get better. We can work towards moving to a better place with proper plans and preparations. And if he's still insisting, this life no be by force. Our paths are different nigbayen. The rule is to simply DO YOU.

Can you marry a man who's still living in a self contain or not? Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Guys, can you get married while still in a self contain? Let me know your opinion, guys. Oya, hit me!

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