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LAGOS PUBLIC BUS SERIES is a newly introduced segment of the blog where I would be gisting you guys about all of my experiences as a regular Lagos Bus passenger. You see this Lagos ehn? It haff want to make someone run mad but I thank God I'm still sane! If you are a regular public bus passenger, you would assuredly be able to relate with all of my experiences. If you were once a public bus person but have now been promoted to the level of owning your own car or taking an uber regularly, I totally celebrate with you! Blessings fall on all of us! This would assuredly bring back bitter - sweet memories. Shall we start?

After work today, I met with my friend who is a fellow youth corp member. We both spent time gisting and catching fun in his car. Unfortunately, he wasn't taking my route and so, I had to board a public bus. Phew! I thought I could escape the brutality of Lagos Bus for at least one day! Anyway, I boarded a bus later on. The first problem was the driver was calling an over the bar amount. On a norms, its always N150 to where I was going but because of the supposed hold up, Baba increased it to N200. Seeing that time had gone, I didn't mind. I decided to board it like that.

However, people refused to enter because the amount was exaggerated. We were about 4 in the bus and we waited patiently for other passengers to fill the bus. 10 minutes went and nobody was entering. A fair woman at the back got vexed and decided to leave. Seeing that if she leaves, the situation would only worsen, I had to beg her to stay taht people would soon join us. Thankfully, the driver wisened up and brought the price back to N150. People rushed the bus. No time!

Naso the journey start o. As expected, there was a thick holdup. Thankfully again, the driver skillfully maneuvered his way, passing the rough part of the road. Suddenly, he made a U-turn and started facing the road we were coming from. All of us began shouting and querying him. This yeye man replied us that

Sebi una no pay me better me money. I wan go drop you back.

Anyway, he was simply pulling our legs. He only made a U-turn to pass one way. If you're a Nigerian, you should know the great advantages of passing one way but the disadvantages could be disastrous especially when caught by the law enforcement agents. He drove through the rough parts and from a distance, we could see the thick holdup we could have gotten in if we had passed the normal route so we were low-key grateful.

In less than 20 minutes, we got to our destinations. Praise God! Naso me I comot from the bus o to board Okada to my final destination. Do you know this driver got down from his bus to come meet me? He refused me from climbing the bike and was like

Tell me thank you. I did you a favor by passing one way

Egbami! See me see wahala sha! From where to where? How we take know ourselves? Why didn't you go and meet other passengers? Why me? I was pissed and told him to gerrarrahia. This man no gree and kept emphasizing I tell him thank you. Omo, I change am for the man ni.

Oga Driver, you no do me any favor o. Ma lo go o!

People were starring at us and the man eventually left me. I really do not understand how these people feel entitled. If he had passed the normal route, we would have all suffered it together. Now that he passed one way and we arrived quickly, its a win win for us all because it would only make his business faster. So which one be me saying thank you? Abegi!

Anyway, let me know if you've had a similar experience or nah. Would love to read!

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