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My people, how una dey? 

What I experienced today in a Lagos Bus actually made me think! And it would make you think too, I think. Did you feel that rhyme there? I'm too smart, yunno. Tsk! Lol. Just kidding.

So I boarded a bus going to work today. Everything was going fine and I thought to myself,

'Oh, everything is peaceful in the bus today. So, I wouldn't have any public bus gist for my blog people today be that'

Little did I know. We arrived at a certain traffic light. Now what happened is that the light was still showing green and so, everyone rushed to join the lane. Who wan carry last for Lagos? Because of this, the line of motorists became too long and so blocked the other incoming cars that were supposed to be moving. Their lane too was showing green traffic light and they were supposed to keep it moving but they couldn't because our bus and other motorists don block them as per everyone wants to join the other lane.


We were all waiting for the lane we joined to show green traffic light. I don't know if y'all understand my illustration. This is it -

There are two traffic lights. One is showing red which is the lane we want to join. There is another one showing green. Now the essence of this one is to tell we that want to join the former lane to either join it now or wait till later. So, this instructional traffic light was showing green, which means we should join the first lane which everyone rushed to join. However, it was to the detriment of the lane on the other side of the road. Theirs was also showing green which means they should keep it moving but all of us don jampack ourselves and we blocked them. Whose fault? Ours or whoever is in charge of traffic light control? That's by the way.

So, we and numerous other motorists were on the road, blocking the second lane when a well dressed man who seemed like he was running late to work came to knock on our driver's window. Wetin happen, I wondered.

'My friend, will you move this bus now?! Move it now!', this well dressed office looking man commanded our driver.

First of all, our driver was elderly. He should be in his early 60s. This hunku looked like someone in his early 30s. And he's calling our driver 'my friend'? What a waowu. To my abroad readers, plix, 'my friend' in Nigeria has different meanings o. 'My friend' is an introduction to an incoming insult when said in a harsh manner. So, he was clearly being disrespectful.

Naso our driver change am for this hunku o.

'Mr Man, do you know who I am???? Is it because you're seeing me driving bus? Do you know who I am?', our driver kept saying

'I said move this bus now!', the hunku shouted still

'Will you get out of my window! Get out of here! Useless man! God punish your father!', our driver shouted.

The hunku's expression was like someone who felt quite threatened. He threw his last shot and retired back to his car. Stupid hunku😠 So out of all the motorists that blocked the road, its only our bus he could attack abi?

The driver then started speaking as the traffic light on our lane displayed green.

'This is the problem with all these Lagosians. They think because you're driving a bus that you are a nobody. If I was driving my car with AC on and windows whined up, will he even come and meet me? God punish his father! They think you're an illiterate because you're driving a bus'

Nobody said anything, neither did I but I could clearly see his point and understand him. Many people do not respect bus drivers because they think such occupation is low or useless. They feel for you to be in that position, you are nothing and a nobody but hey, we have lawyers, engineers, doctors, teachers, professors driving buses everyday in Lagos to make a living. They might not have made it in their profession so should they spend the rest of their life crying about it? Should they instead steal to survive? Shouldn't they do such work with diligence to put food on their table? Being a bus driver is curbing the crime rate in Nigeria but people do not get it. Instead they spend time insulting and looking down on them. Why didn't the hunku approach the many fine cars who had AC on and windows whined up? He no fit! He saw our bus as something he could show his chest. Rubbish!

This incidence reminds me of the day I boarded a bus and the driver was calling passengers in the most beautiful and well spoken English I've ever heard! Aswear, I developed a crush for him at that moment. Could have given him my number if he asked. He was absolutely good looking but of course, dressed agberoish(toutish). He couldn't hide his accent even when he tried to. I sat beside him in the front seat and when he would change the gear, for the first time, I didn't mind his hand hitting my knee. Okay, I'm vain, I know.

Being a fine geh (haters, tongue out), I expected him to say HI but he didn't. I even spoke to the lady beside me in good English. That one fell my hand and insulted me. The evil people in Lagos! Anyway, I decided to shoot my shot indirectly by asking him how he could be driving a public bus with such good command of English. He replied,

'Isn't it circumstances that got me here?' (Lowkey, his reply reminds me of this funny thing Josh2Funny always says - In all circumstances. Lol😅)

I was weak and sad at the same time. Weak because hello, a fine boy replied me. Flips hair. Sad because he is obviously a well trained university graduate and he's doing this. I couldn't say anything. When he no collect my number, I carried myself and got down with a lot of thoughts in my heart.

Lets start encouraging and respecting these people. Its not easy. We really don't know what they've been through and the amount of shame they had to face and fight just to take up such job. Imagine his classmate in university seeing him driving a public bus? And maybe that one is already working in a multinational company. You see am?



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