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Wait a minute! See my game face na. Haba! See am! Who wants to contest? Hehehe.

EMETE LIVIN' now has a more defined niche - productivity and lifestyle. Hol'up! Of course, you're still going to get all the gist and talk talk as per say you guys like olofofo. Lookatew. Lol. Just kidding. But then, while we are laughing, we should be sure that we are also adding value and being productive to ourselves and our society. Today, let's talk about owning our opinions like a boss.

I hate it when I and someone are discussing and then I'm trying to relay my opinion which most possibly doesn't tally with yours and the person goes like

'Please, please, please. This is the correct thing and not yours'

These kind of people are not only aggressive but also toxic. If you keep moving with these kind of people, there is a high possibility you will become a 'yes ma/sir' person. You would become absolutely dependent emotionally on others because you've not really had the opportunity to contribute independently to issues and matters.

Everyone has an opinion. Even the dumbest person has something to say. You can have an opinion that is right or wrong, intelligent or stupid, godly or plain immoral, cool or what not. Whatever adjective is being used to qualify your opinion shouldn't matter. What should matter is that you are given an opportunity to express yourself. So many people today have become quiet and introverted because someone shut them up. Someone told them they were wrong and stupid to think that way. That lingered in their heads for the longest and has defined who they are successfully.

I hope you aren't one of them. And if you are, there are several ways to come out of your shell and own your opinion like the boss that you are.


In actual sense, if everyone is fond of calling your opinions 'stupid', maybe its high time to start thinking before speaking. Lets be truthful to ourselves. Thinking before speaking simply involves the process of listening more, understanding the other person, organizing your thoughts and then speaking. This can be done in less than a minute. In instances where you are still processing your thoughts and the other person is finished talking, use expressions like


'I see'


These would give the other person the mindset that you've actually listened and are about to state your opinion. Thinking before speaking also means taking your time. When we actually take our time to think, we eventually get to speak confidently and most often, with the right words.


Never let anyone pull you down or make you feel less of yourself. Always exude a confident aura. Be confident in relaying your opinion even if doesn't make much sense. There are times you might not be sure of what you are saying. Still, be confident about saying it. Its better to be insulted with your confidence attached with it than written off completely. Again, if you are confident, the other person might be shocked and taken aback and would be quite careful in tackling because hey, you confidently said rubbish. Hahaha.


DO NOT TAKE BULLSHIT. Don't allow anyone tell you 'shut up!', 'what do you know?', except of course its your parents speaking or someone elderly. If not, hello, who are you to tell me to shut up?

In Patience Jonathan's voice 'Wee you keep kwayet!'

When someone isn't giving you space to talk or is trying to prevent you from talking or talks you down, have immediate and ready replies like

'Excuse me?'

'Hello, I'm not finished or let me talk'

'Please don't interrupt me while I'm speaking'

'I listened to you now listen to me'

All these aren't insulting but of course, would easily make the person understand that they cannot just ride you like a piece of shit. You have your opinion and they should listen to you!


And when they are trying to get physical? There are many people with mental problems out there who cannot stand another person not agreeing with them or overriding their opinion. If you come in contact with someone like that, don't feel timid or scared. Even if you are, don't show it. It would send the wrong signal. Simply smile and walk away or wave it off in the air and walk away, eye them from head to toe and walk away (I'm not teaching you bad thing o. Eyeing them is not to insult them but just to show your displeasure), shake your head and walk away, plug your earphone and walk away, press your phone and walk away or simply, walk away with your shoulders high.

This would give them the signal that you just can't be bothered by their stupidity. U-hun, they plain stupid! 

From now on, realize that for you to have a mouth and a sound mind, it simply means you have the right to your own opinion. So, own it LIKE THE BOSS THAT YOU ARE! It's your one way to being confident and productive as a person.

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