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Hahaha! I shouldn't be talking about my room but hey, its my personal space. My personal run-to space and so, I might be talking about it once in a while. I'm not much of an organized person. So, if my room would be organized for a very long time, it would requite conscious and extra effort. So when I decided to take out time to organize my room and its still well organized days later, I only thought it right to blog about it...well...till the next time it gets scattered.

I think our room is one of the most underrated space in the house. We always place emphasis on our sitting rooms, kitchens, guest rooms and waterview but leave out our rooms because well, its a hidden part of our homes. But NO. At the end of the day, we wouldn't sleep in any of the aforementioned places. We still resort back to our rooms. How well we fend and take care of our rooms might go a long way in telling on our general well - being.

I love my room to be really neat. I don't sweep my room everyday because when I step on the ground, I do not really feel any dirt and therefore, no need to sweep it often. Please, sweeping often is a chore on its own. Let the ground breathe too. Lol!

I love that I can easily tell where things are. I have a mini library. Well, not a library per say. Just a place filled with stash of books. I have my wardrobe of course and my wardrobe in itself has its own job. I have a section for keeping really personal things that only me can find.

I love how spacious my room is. Before now, I used to think it was such a small space but after arranging, I finally realized how big it is! Its really big and comfy enough for me!

My bed is heaven! Its always neat. Sometimes, my pillows and throw pillows could be here and there but still, it always maintain a steady vibe.

My toilet is bliss. You won't realize the amount of bacteria our toilets host till you decide to wash it and keep it clean. Before now, while taking a poop, I can't always wait to elope. But now, I can spend hours in there.

I know someone is already thinking of being my roommate. Lol. Well, I have the whole room to myself till December when everyone comes around and I have to share with my sister and nephew. Pretty annoying, I know. But before then, I would rock it!

For the fact that it is well ventilated, it just gives me so much positive vibe. It enables me to clear my head and think when I want to. What I need right now is an air freshener. I have a really sensitive nose and so, I would like to have a new room smell.

Honestly, my room looks great! I'd take snapshots and update this post.


Talking about my room just reminds me of my room back when I was in secondary school. I had no wardrobe. So, my clothes were always on a newspaper on the floor. Being a not so organized person, after searching for what to wear, all my clothes always end up on my bed. And oh! How lazy I could get when it comes to arranging! Na to sleep on top those heap of so many clothes! You won't believe it was ALWAYS that way. Lol. Thank God for growth!

So, tell me about your room. Is it somewhere you always want to bury yourself in or a place you can't wait to escape in the morning?

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  1. Nice room#Bringbackourkolo


    1. Hey Lily! World best blog reader! Lol! Thanks for your comment.
      You see that kolo? It haff go finally. Blog peepu missed the gist sha but hopefully, I would get another one. Lol. Have a nice day!