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Ever heard of the saying whatever goes around, comes around? Well I guess 90% of we humans know the saying but not everyone of us understands it. The modern world has seen some very important truths being ignored as a result of RAPACIOUSNESS and thus has decremented some core values in our society such as coming together in empathy and unison and so on. This is the reason why we see the common man commit so many atrocious acts in this communal city of ours and this has been blight from generations to generations. That’s why there is a daring nee for us to come together in educating ourselves on the need to do better.

 There is another lesson or saying which says, “whatever we put into the universe comes back to us”. That is the first la most people like to call the ‘karmic cycle’ is very important. Karma which can be defined in Hinduism and Buddhism as the sum of a person actions in the previous and present states of existence, viewed as deciding the fate in future existences. Karma transcends many cycles of life so we might not necessarily reap the benefits of what we sow in this lifetime but certainly our descendants will. Karma is a no instant reward system, nor an instant punishment system as well. It is a set of values to teach us how to do better. The more good people do, the more good will come of it. Take for example corrupt politicians, how many have died in a fatal accident, how many assassinated, lynched to death and some suffering from one deadly disease or the other.

Sometimes too, the effect for easy money usually descends on their children which is not a very fair thing. We should always have a second thought for everything we do. Take for example, an homeless man Billy Ray Harris who found a diamond engagement ring and tracked down the owner for days searching everywhere and eventually handing the ring back to the rightful owner. When the news spread around town and surfaced the internet, complete strangers fixed his bike for free, provided him meals and clothing and also received $100,000 in donations online all over the world for his generosity. He moved into a new house which he later bought from the donation money. These examples show what a good karma and what a bad karma looks like, hopefully we can adhere to the fact that Karma does exists.

When history repeats itself, it tends to do so with good or bad karma. We are a part of everything around us and it is not up to us to control the world around us but rather control what is within ourselves being the unending desire to succeed or whatever it may be. We don’t succeed by hurting others or putting others in a terrible situation just because of our selfish desires. Karma makes an implicit reference to justice and when bad things happens to us, we shouldn’t think of it as bad karma but an opportunity for us to learn a lesson and make necessary changes to break the cycle. We should always try and manifest our desires and get rid of all negative energy. Changing our karma is a long process and what we do today will affect our future in one way or the other.

Whether we believe in karma or not, there are valuable lessons to be learnt from this topic it is a damning fact that most unfortunate things happening today is as a result of inaction. Karma teaches us to act, to do. So we need to start acting and doing good to make this world we live in a better place for generations to come. Unless we start caring a lot about the future, the present is always going to be less good. Leaving us with the last law of karma which states that “REWARDS ARE A RESULT OF THE ENERGY AND EFFORT WE PUT INTO IT”. We all need to start spreading loving kindness and good intentions as well.

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