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Sorry for the use of the 'f' word but it was necessary. This gist would pass as a relationship experience and of course, you need to know the juicy gist.

 So, I and this guy used to be a thing. Now that I think of it, it sounds so 'eewwww-ish' to me. You know, those times, you're thinking they are the finest and the best thing since fried rice and after the break up, you're wondering what you ever saw in them. Yes, that is my experience.

When we were a thing, he was everything I wanted to talk about everyday, all day. Well, this was a long time ago. I saw all the signs that we weren't meant to be together and if we ever mistakenly got married, i was in for a hell of a ride but I still ignored because I thought, 'half bread is better than none. Its better to have someone than have noone'. Girl, was I very wrong! Being in a relationship I was committed to, I invested my everything in it which I now regret especially a particular aspect - finance.

However, years down the line and I finally meet someone worthy - a prince charming that sweeps me off my feet. It was very easy for me to forget the current guy. In actual fact, I broke up him 10 days later. People went on about how too fast that was but when you're in something you've been seeking an escape from and you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, don't blame me when I run as fast as my legs can carry me. So, I've broken up with him and I'm enjoying my new found love with this new guy.

Suddenly, the ex starts calling back. He starts begging. He starts doing all the things he would never do or has never done all the years we dated and here is me thinking, 'so this guy had the capacity to do all these but never did them because he thought I was too attached that leaving him was never an option'. Now, I've moved on and left him and he's all here wallowing and begging. After speaking with me and one of his friends come to also speak with me, I finally decide to just use him on the side without giving him any attention or benefit.

You know what broke the camel's back? The cane? It was recently when we got into a discussion and I requested something from him. You know I mentioned earlier that I regret ever being committed to his finances in the first place? Here is how it comes to play. So, I was out of airtime and I requested that uncle sends me N300 airtime and he tells me he doesn't have. Okay. No problem. Months later, my sub finishes and I beg him to help me sub and he tells me he has better things to do with his money than sub for me. Ouch! Did you feel the hurt too?

Not wanting to refer to so many things but back then, when I was committed to him, aside from asking for airtime, money to do this and that, I remember going broke and emptying my pocket just to give him everything and here he is telling me he has better things to do with his money. He should have said that and left me alone. But when he decided to be all lovey-dovey again, that was when I flared up.

'Will you geddifok out of my dm?!"

I was literally screaming. Giving him another chance has to be the stupidest decision. I broke everything off with him immediately and the uncle blocked me immediately. Seconds later, he unblocked me. See the man pikin I was sidelining other guys for. What a waste!

Have you had similar experience? Let me know!

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