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I think the world is currently saturated with young men and women who are simply doing more acting than thinking. You would understand better when I share this gist. Inasmuch as some people are of the opinion that "you should let me know how far early enough" doesn't mean you should become a very forward person.

So I was going to work one day and I bumped into this gentleman that lives in my estate. We connected instantly and exchanged contacts. Moving forward, he started bugging me with so many questions and messages on WhatsApp which I absolutely detest for someone who I do not yet have a specified relationship with.

Anyway, we finally agreed to see officially. I got back from work and after resting a bit, I came out of my house to get some eggs and also use that opportunity to see him. At that point, he was already standing outside my house. So, we went to get the eggs together, whilst conversing like long-time friends.

Everything was going fine until we got to the shop and I purchased my eggs. Now, he got to know that they also sell zobo drinks there and decided to get one. What began the madness was when he told the salesperson to use my change to pay for the zobo.

Wait a minute. Oga, are you sure you're okay upstairs?

This hunku didn't ask for my permission to use my change. He just told them like it's nothing. I was so infuriated! I immediately warned the salesperson not to mistakenly touch my change if not yawa go gas o.

When he saw how serious I was, he told the salesperson that he would take the zobo on credit and pay later. Very pissed, I carried myself back to my father's house. Do you know the cane that now broke the camel's back?

This guy now messaged me again telling me that he loves me and we should date. I was taken aback! Like, am I joke to you though? I really do not understand how some people reason.

From wanting to use my change to buy zobo without my permission to now telling me to date you. Aha, hunku iyaff mad!
Now you can see why I'm of the opinion that so many people perform without thinking. Are you of the same opinion? Let me know if you've had similar experience or nah and what you would have done.

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