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What's a good Friday without a sprinkle of gist? LOL.

So, I went to see one of my friends at his store. He works at a pharmacy he manages. This day, one of the staffs was present. I walked in and my friend came to say HELLO to me and we got talking about different things. However, we focused on the fact that I was finishing NYSC the next week. He was so excited and was telling me about how he was going to miss me and all. We actually met each other during NYSC and we got along very well.

While he was still talking, I just decided to whine him small. If you know me well, you would know I can like to whine people. Lol. So I said,

'Well, after my POP, I'm getting married the next Saturday'

Immediately I said that, it was as if everything stopped. Now, prior to that, this staff of his was simply minding her business. She didn't really focus on us. She was doing something on her system and one would have assumed she wasn't listening to our conversation. But immediately I said I was getting married the next Saturday, hanty looked up immediately and her face beamed with smiles. In my mind, I was like

'Ahan. So this one was even hearing everything we were saying sef'

Naso this lady begin to dey congratulate me

'Aha. Congraulations o. Eeyah. That is so nice. You're so lucky o. Congrats'

She was just grinning and as the player that I am, I continued with the pretense. Lol. My friend too congratulated me but I could see that he was at the same time very surprised. I never introduced him to anyone. He has seen me with different guys who are my friends but there was no specific guy he could pinpoint that there was something between us. So, he was both very surprised and happy for me. It was when the hanty wanted to start asking jamb kweshun that I decided to just stop playing with their minds.

'I'm just joking o. I'm not getting married on Saturday o'

Everyone actually burst into laughter

'Ehen! I was saying it na.', my friend said aloud

The hanty kept smiling sheepishly. Because of my jokes, she continued conversing with us and when I decided to leave the store, she was bidding me goodbye with a big smile on her face. This just got me wondering and asking

'So people like wedding news like this?'

This is actually not the first time. People always get so excited and want to treat people specially when they hear that they are walking down the aisle. To be very honest, I would also do same because I am a sucker for love. But me experiencing it just made me wonder about it and to be very honest, the feeling that comes with is actually very sweet. Lol.

Have you experienced such before or would you act the same if someone informs you they are getting married soon? Oya, let's talk.

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