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Know this; ‘ENGAGING IN LIMITING THOUGHTS LIMITS ONE’S ABILITY TO SUCCEED’. Some people think of how they work so hard and still make so little for a living, some think they can never be able to afford our dream car or house, while some think they struggle all their life and yet make so little to cater for themselves and family, while some think settling for less is way better than nothing at all. Well I can say once you begin to have these sorts of thoughts or mentality that’s the beginning of a long spell of poverty. Do you think this way? What’s your current situation that you feel you can never overcome?

A scientific study has proved that “we become what we think about all day long” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Our thought patterns influences our state of health and well-being. Thinking negatively causes stress and stress opens the door to various kinds of illnesses which leads to death. The poverty mindset is one of the most common; after all everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees. This mindset may be holding you back in a course to achieve your desired goals and attracting wealth and it affects your productivity and makes it extremely difficult to live above average. Firstly I would want to define what a poverty mentality is.

What is a poverty mentality? A poverty mentality is a mindset in which the beholder self-sabotages his or herself, accidentally undermining his ability to acquire wealth by adopting a negative stance towards wealth, also called ‘poverty mentality syndrome’. This makes it difficult to operate at a higher level of productivity and positivity in attracting wealth. This can start with just one thought which can grow into negativity before you even realize it and have the chance to alter such negativity. The good news is you can get rid of that poverty mentality no matter how hard your situation might seem, still you’ll have to do a lot to make sure it happens for you. I am going to share some features of a poverty mindset so we can get familiar and try and avoid them.

However, even if one of the following sounds familiar to you, then you already have this poverty mentality.


1. PESSIMISTIC AND SELF PITY: Bad things happens which is the way life is but most of us feel helpless and have self-pity on a regular basis which makes one lose control of whatever situation we find ourselves. We shouldn’t be pitiful when sad things happens but rather grow from them and gain experience.

2.LACK OF AMBITION: Low self-esteem is the major cause of lack of ambition. When you begin to limit your dreams by failing to make plans for the future you pave way for poverty mentality syndrome to step in.

3.JEALOUSY: Constantly comparing yourself to others, wanting what they have or believing they don’t deserve it is the same as jealousy and can cause you to start thinking negatively of yourself.

4.STATE OF PANIC/ANXIETY: This is one that causes a low mindset. Focusing on avoiding bad things which are yet to happen rather than concentrating on achieving great things is as a result of anxiety.

5. DRIFT IN FOCUS: Focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you have. Thinking about what you lack which makes you think about people who have those things and your thoughts just wanders all over the place rather than basing on a simple mindset about clearing the importance of what you need and why you need them. Thinking so much about what you lack can attract more lack into your life. Adjusting the way we think generally about wealth and life itself is a bright step in sustaining a wealth-promoting mentality. Here are some ways in which we can avert such negatives thoughts today


a.Be grateful for what you have
b.Learn to relax
c.Make a plan to achieve your goals
d.Stop negative languages and words
e.Change your view of wealth
f. Care more about yourself
g.Take responsibility for your actions &
h.Don’t give up.

Not much have been said but I think much have been understood from this, people with a low mentality find it really difficult to achieve their goals. Hopefully we can all get rid of this poverty mentality and showcase financial prosperity.

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