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Well, I'm not a style blogger neither am I a fashionista but I think it would be very cool to make a style post of everything I wear every week. Who knows? You could get an inspiration from it. Who knows? Lol. I don't know if I have a style. I basically wear whatever I like. Actually, I think it up in my head and then, start looking for what fits the exact thing I created in my head. My style is super simple and quick. Its the same thing you (if you are not a fashion person) might wear the whole week. I will also be stating the prices and where I got what I'm wearing. Seems like it would be fun. Let's dive into the post, curious cat! 😜


We can as well call it NYSC Monday because virtually every Monday since I started NYSC, I'm always dressed in my NYSC Uniform and this is because Monday is my CDS day. Weird, I know. I almost didn't believe CDS ever holds on Monday. By the way, I'm in Beautification CDS. That is all you need to know. Won't tell you my local government make you no go kidnap me. LMAO.

I'm always fully kitted up - Jacket, Trouser, Belt, White vest, Canvas, Cap. After spending over 3 months doing NYSC, I ditched my NYSC socks. So I no longer wear the socks well, till POP (Passing Out Parade).

This is my very wonderful friend by the way. Am I always comfortable in my NYSC uniform? Well, maybe not, until I leave the Local Government and can tie my jacket round my waist. Aha! That's so comfy!



My week at work really starts on Tuesday. I remember resuming at my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) and my boss was telling me to also come to work on my CDS day - Monday. God forbid! Eez nor me you peepu wee stress. Then she went on about how she also used to go to work during her CDS days as a corper back then. One olofofo woman took shooked mouth inside. I told them point blank that it is impossicant.

I'm wearing this very simple jumpsuit I got at a store in Ikeja. I got it for just N3000. Very affordable! It was really comfortable and gave me this classy and chic feeling. I wore my casual wedge heels owned by my mom. Well, its now mine. *Evil Grin*. Most of her wedges always cost between N5000 to N10,000. I can therefore not pinpoint the amount.

I'm really a simple person. No wristwatch...I actually forgot my wristwatch at my bobo's house. Phew! It was a birthday gift and I'm yet to collect it. Anyway, like a friend said, SIMPLE DOES IT.



Wednesday was my kind of day, dress wise. I'm the kind of girl that prefers top and jeans to anything else. So you had catch me more on jeans with a comfy top. This was truly my kind of day.

I got this top from a boutique in Ikeja and it cost me N5000. The jeans was from another boutique in Ikeja which cost me N3000. Ikeja is all I know biko. That's where I get most of my stuffs from. So, I can't really recommend places. That's the job of fashion bloggers. And the heeled slippers was also fapped from my mom but it has been mine for some years now. Like I said, her heels always cost between N5000 - N10,000.

Again, SIMPLE DOES IT. I didn't even use earrings on this day because the details on the top was way too much. You can zoom the picture to see what I'm talking about.



On a normal Thursday, I would probably be on a polo and jean but today, I went to work with my mom. I'm passing out from NYSC next week so I've been stabbing work like the jagaban that I am. Lol. Anyway, following my mom to work requires me dressing like an office person. To be honest, this wasn't what I planned to wear - the shirt especially. However, all my shirts were squeezed and there was no light. So I just managed this one that was also quite squeezed.

The shirt was bought in Ibadan for about N1500 or N2000. I can't remember the exact amount now. The skirt was purchased at Ikeja for N3000 (May God help me punish the people at the boutique I bought it from). Do you know this skirt tore in several places the first day I wore it and the people that sewed it back demanded N500? N500 to sew ordinary skirt nitori olorun! Something that suppose to cost N50 or N100. I'm running back to Ibadan biko. Lol, just kidding. But those people at that boutique, una get problem. My shoe was gotten by my mom but she didn't tell me the exact amount. However, she always buys my shoes from N4000 and above. For this shoe, I can't really say. The bag is owned by my mom but ever since I carried it on Thursday, I've started claiming ownership. *Evil Grin*. It's actually a designer bag from SUSENSTAR LEATHER COLLECTION and I think she said it cost her about N9,000 when she bought it.

I went to eat at MAMA CASS ( I should have reviewed this restaurant but I refused to take pictures of my food. Very low quality food. Nawa) on Opebi Road and asked the security lady to take some photos for me. She was kind to do so. By the way, when I got to my mom's office, she was with two of her friends. And when she introduced me, one of her friends was like

Is this your daughter? Wow. She's so pretty! I was admiring her when she was coming. I didn't know she was your daughter. Such a beautiful girl.

Hahaha. My head was swelling fam. Me that Lagos sun had beaten me blue black, I still got a compliment. Thanks ma. Their real papa! 😝😝😝😝


I stayed at home on Friday. My excuse was that Saturday is election and it might not be safe out there. Yes, that's the excuse I'll give my boss next week. In reality, I just wanted to sleep and watch YouTube videos. I kent come and kill myself biko.


I hope you enjoyed this quick style post. Which is your favorite look? I'll definitely be doing more style posts like this.

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