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Books are so underrated. Not books, as in story books. Instead, I mean "books for writing". We need our books almost all the time. We take them to church to jot sermons, to work, to class to make notes and as a blogger, I need my book to properly plan posts. So, books are really a big deal!

With the advent of notepads on most phones, many people are now ditching the good ol' books. What if our phones suddenly crash? The importance of books cannot be beaten down.

What is more attractive is having a book with a really pretty and colourful hardcover like the ones I saw at ShopRite. I was just minding my business when I stumbled on them. I couldn't get my eyes off! So colourful and smooth!

I especially like the ones that had really nice inspiring quotes on them. So when you don't feel like writing and you mistakenly stumble on those quotes, you become more gingered.

Going down memory lane, I now wish we had such colourful hardcovers back in the day. The kind of books we had then had really dull hardcovers, especially the ones for school. In school, we were restricted to school books with especially bland hardcovers with nothing inspiring but a reminder of the school we attend. Low-key, it also reminded us of the most valued kids in school. You really had to be intelligent or have a rich parent or be fair in complexion to be given the opportunity to grace the school book's hardcover and of course, the school banner. That was a big deal! My sister always came first in her class and thereby made it to the school's banner for a very long time!

I don't know how long colourful hardcovers have been around but I'm just getting to know about these. They're so beautiful and I would assuredly love to have more of them in my closet, especially the ones with greats quote on them.

*In Josh2funny's voice*

It would surely help me to jof fins down😁

So tell me, are you a fan of colourful hardcovers or nah? And have you known about it all along or you're late on the gist like me? Let me know!

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