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Your girl is now an ex- corper. Isn't God wonderful? What started on the 19th of April 2018 with so much excitement ended yesterday, 14th March, 2019. However, NYSC recorded it as 18th April, 2019. LMAO. Does that mean we are now operating from the future? Nigeria will always be Nigeria. I should have written a long post but I already have many posts that talks about my experience during NYSC.


To know all about my experience in camp, you should check the post below where I talked about basically everything that went down. Currently, it is the most read post on the blog. So people like NYSC like this? Lol 


MY PPA (Primary Place of Assignment) STORY

Getting accepted at my PPA was almost a tug of war because of my course of study. I was deployed to the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture where almost all the corpers were further deployed to the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture. We went through hell before we were attended to. However, out of all of us that were sent there, I was the only one who was told I wouldn't be accepted. This was my first encounter with real rejection. What did i do wrong? Why will they not just want me? I was so disturbed and kept on praying in my heart for a miracle. I called my parents to deliver the sad news. They were in motion and kept saying positive like 'God will touch their hearts and all that'. Did God touch their heart? Yes, He did. By using a woman who is the Head of Department of the Administrative Department - Mrs Akindele. She didn't know me from anywhere. She simply saw me sitting down, seriously perturbed and asked what happened. After my explanation, she told me not to worry. Do you know this woman went inside to see the Director on my behalf? Someone who knew me from absolutely NOWHERE. She went to convince the Director to attend to me.

When the Director called me in, the ball was in my court to respond to questions correctly and confidently. The confidence part, I didn't have a problem with that but you see those questions? I was hopeful she wouldn't ask me deep things they had taught us in University which I'd forgotten. I got the first question wrong but got the rest correct. She was very impressed and asked me about my skills and which department I wanted to be in. I told her and that's how I was accepted. I give that all up to God.

One thing to note is the time when I was all alone with my fate, not yet accepted, a few other corpers rallied round me to console and encourage me while some other corpers couldn't be bothered. I took note of that and intentionally distanced myself during the rest of my service year from those people who just passed and couldn't be bothered. You would know those people have high potentials of being bitter people - I wasn't wrong afterall.


I have a post on this already about my one month experience. You can click on the link below to read all about it.


However, things changed afterwards. I mentioned in that post that I basically did nothing but the honest truth is that two months later, I was working my ass out. From researching to typing to following the council to cultural events and meetings to being turned to an errand girl. Yes, I was sent on different errands - from paying money to the bank to buying food to paying PHCN bill etc. I was firstly okay with it but when it became too much and I noticed I was the only corper being sent on errands, I got livid. Also, I was often given the work of different departments to do because their corpers weren't around. Please, am I the one that said your corper shouldn't be around? Why then are you using me? I was just so vexed and people advised me many times to change it for them. However, I thought of the consequences of doing that on my reputation and simply flowed along.

Soon enough, I got used to the place and made friends among the staffs from Icewater (the council's comedian) to Pastor (my office daddy) to the dance guys at performing arts. My two bosses (Mrs Oluwasanmi and Mr Owolabi) grew to like me a lot. To be very honest, ALL the staff grew to like me a lot because according to them, I was gentle, quiet, very respectful, diligent, responsible and helpful. Even the ones I didn't know were watching me like Aunty Tinu who featured in the Uber advert, all had great things to say. All these simply gingered me to simply endure the excesses.


December Last year, I feel really sick of Malaria and had to stop coming to work. Actually, I got well in three days but mans gotta enjoy life yunno, so I stayed at home for the next two weeks even when I was already fine. Hehehe. I got calls from different staffs. Of course, I felt loved. When I resumed work back, my boss went on about how much she had missed me and all that. I felt loved. However, immediately after the mushy words, work was next. That was when I knew I was indeed back to work.


In life, many times, the good deeds you did in the past could be enough to cover up for your sins in the future. When I resumed back to work on January 2, I started skipping work once in a while. Before, I would go to work 4 times a week while going for CDS on Monday. But from January, it reduced to 3 times a week, 2 times and sometimes, once a week. Many times, other staffs would ask after  me and my bosses would have to cover up for me because as they told me, regardless, I'm a good shaid. Hehehe. Why was I skipping work? Because mans like her sleep and I just couldn't be bothered. Although, whenever I got to work, I would do all the work that was left behind that day. So, I had a whole lot to do. At some point, one of my bosses called me and asked me if I had joined the other corpers in displaying sheer irresponsibility. I told her NO O. I later gisted one of my corper friends about it. Another reason why I decided to skip work was to avoid being given the work of other departments just because their corpers weren't coming often. Why should I carry the carry the cross of the council? This made me intentionally stay back many times.


When one of my university friends messaged me that he was redeploying from Kogi state to Lagos state, I was very excited for him and told him I would help me him work it to my PPA. He disbelieved because everything I told him was too good to be true. Still, I wasn't bothered that someone thought I was lying. I enthusiastically did my bit and told my bosses about it. They embraced the idea wand worked towards him being accepted at my PPA. After weeks of going left and right, he was finally accepted. This kind of relieved me as the whole errand rubbish was now shared. The only thing he wasn't asked to do was to buy food for staff members because obviously, he was a guy. But for other things, he was asked to do them. It was very easy for the staff to like him and I was very happy that they all liked him and were impressed by his work ethic.


I did a post where I spoke about the valuable connections I was able to make during my service year. You can read it by clicking the link below


The kind of connections I made during NYSC ehn, helped me  secure so many things I would have been struggling with after NYSC. The most important of it all, I would talk about it once I get my letter. I'm grateful for a mouth to speak and the confidence to go with it. One sterling advice I would giving to Youth Corp Members or basically anyone is to be very confident in yourself. No one is going to believe in you like you. So, believe in you, know yourself, your worth and be confident. It would take you far.


I collected my NYSC certificate yesterday and it was one of my happiest days. I thought I would be sidelined because ya girl stabbed CDS meetings numerously but look at God, Hehehe. When I was collecting my Final Clearance Letter at my PPA, Mrs Akindele and Mr Abimbola declared me the Best Corper in my set. Aside from that, The HOD of different departments also mentioned it. I was very excited that the way I was leaving was very different from the way I came in. When I was coming in, no one wanted to accept me. They said my course of study was bleh and didn't tally with what they were doing. I had to prove myself before the director and with God's backing. Working, I didn't even have the mindset to prove myself that I was capable. I just did me naturally not wanting to be noticed or impressed by anyone. Little did I know that everyone was noticing me. Now that I was being handed my final clearance, my bosses goshed about how they will miss me. There won't be anyone else like Grace and the staffs went on and on about how I did above expectations and was the best corper. Just one lesson from this - what they say now doesn't matter nor  change who you are. Sooner than later, they will discover the gold that is YOU. Simply DO YOU. This is the sterling lesson I learnt serving.


First off, I enjoyed every moment of alert I got - collecting my allowee. I have a post on it. Read it by clicking the link below


Now that allowee has stopped, I couldn't be bothered because I've gotten a quick replacement. All Glory be to God. Also, I made sure I had fun and enjoyed myself. 'Chop Life' as I call it. Exploring different places in Lagos, going sightseeing, window shopping, moving about with friends and simply being a happy person. If you cannot by yourself be happy, how then can you give happiness?


It's just one day after NYSC and it's not enough for me to write a post. I've simply being eating, sleeping and watching Big brother Recap. Living the life! From next week, my schedule would change. It's been long since I could decide to stay at home and not have guilt conscience. So, I've been ignoring so many calls from people who want us to go and enjoy life now that I'm done. Pliz, lemme sleep well for the rest of this week biko.

Overall, I had a splendid NYSC year. Would I love to change anything about it? Maybe or Maybe not but you should read my post on the things I wish I did during NYSC. Read on it by clicking the link below


I hope you had fun reading this post. Simply enjoy the random pictures I took during my service year below and don't forget to leave a comment.   Enjoy!

Lots of Love!

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  1. Awon choplife really had fun during your service year.
    More enjoyment ahead dear by God's grace


  2. Whoa!
    Working at the ministry of arts and culture, did they organise tours for staff? If they did, are there slots for outsiders