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I did a post on the 5 THINGS I WISH I DID DURING NYSC. You can check it out HERE or click the related post link. However, still, I didn't absolute regret the decisions I took during NYSC because I was able to achieve these five feats. Yes, they are feats and achievements because it only goes to say I didn't waste that one year of my life. If you're about doing NYSC or currently doing so, you can learn one or two things from my experience. Here are the 5 things I'm glad I did during NYSC. Enjoy!
1. I'm glad I made valuable connections

See, you cannot just overlook the importance of networking. You cannot beat the importance of giving people the chance to be in your life either for business purpose or other purposes. It's my nature to welcome people so it wasn't hard building valuable connections. While my arms were wide open to everyone, I made sure I also chose those who have something to add to my life, to become quite close to me. Close in the sense that I built a relationship where we can talk about anything without walls. Now that I'm about finishing my service, I was more than perplexed the way these people I met in less than a year were going out of their way to send me job vacancies, asking for my CV and keeping tabs of job openings for me. It's very important to build valuable connections during your service year. Aside from wanting to help you career-wise, they would come in very handy in other areas of your life. So, loosen up!

2. I'm glad I chopped life to the fullest.

I don't know if you know but I'm quite a jaiye jaiye person most times. When I'm outside, I want to be outside to the fullest. Lol. I'm glad I surrounded myself with friends that helped me enjoy life positively. From visiting the trendiest restaurants to going sightseeing, to driving round town to simply having fun. We spent a lot of money, I know but please, these are the memories we would surely relive! So, I have no regrets.

Chopping Life Continua, No Regrets Ascerta...Lol.

3. I'm glad I made interesting friends.

I didn't just spend my time cuddled up in my office seat. No, I made lots of interesting friends who helped me one way or the other. It's important to note that the valuable connections you make doesn't really translate into friendship. You could just be acquaintances. However, I'm glad I invested in some really dope friends that were always there for me! Coming from Ibadan, most of my friends were in Ibadan. So, I had almost no friend in Lagos. Now, see me leaving Lagos with so many great friends! If you're reading this, thanks for being a part of my life!
4. I'm glad I finally decided on the business to do.

You know I said I wish I had started a business during service? I haven't still officially started it. However, I'm glad I finally decided out of the numerous business ideas on the business to do gangan. It took me a while but I'm glad I finally decided on it. What I'm currently doing is researching and developing my product. You'll assuredly get to know what's up soon. You will patronise me na. I trust you! Lol.

5. I'm glad I decided to go for my masters.

Honestly, this is the crown of it all. I'm super excited to be going back for my masters. It was a confusing decision at some point but I'm glad I finally decided to go for it! During my undergraduate years, I assumed I would do it abroad but looking at the economy, Nigeria is still great...Lol! So, I'm going back for my masters and I'm happy about it!

In life, we would always make mistakes but at the same time, we would always take great steps. We should never allow our mistakes overshadow things we should be grateful for. I'm grateful I achieved these little bit mighty feats that would go a long way in influencing my life journey. So, tell me the points that resonate with you and the things you're glad you did as a youth corp member.

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  1. Nice One, really Good to know you make good things out of the year