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Hey Guys!

So, we are about to experience a major face lift on the blog. Well, not a face lift particularly but a content lift. New and exciting things are coming up and I can't just wait to share it with you guys. Trust Me! You're going to love it and TRUST ME! I'm back to being very consistent again. It was all fun and interesting while my break lasted. So many things happened and while I might not be sharing it all here, the most important thing is that the blog is fully back and I'm very hopeful that y'all gonna love it.

That being said, how have you been? How are things over there? Happy Election over there...well, in arrears. Are you excited about our new president? Well, our new incumbent president or whatever English I'm supposed to use. Lol. I just hope you didn't loose one or two friends because of disagreements on whom to support. Unfortunately, I had to let one friend go.

I think its very dump for a person to think that one lacks integrity because one isn't supporting your own political party. That's very dump. So, I just let the person go. Infact, the person doesn't even know we are no longer friends. It all starts from not hearing from me again and of course, not seeing me like you used to.

But anyway, whatever the case may be, the whole thing still remains that we are ONE NIGERIA regardless of whether we support the same person or not and we go live together in peace and harmony in this country together,

By God's Grace
Insha Allah

So, gist me and tell me what's up over there. What new and exciting thing has happened since I went MIA? I would love to read it. Make sure you subscribe because more posts are coming up soon. Have fun!

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  1. You, you...I'm just looking at you with side eyes. Welcome back.

    1. Lol. Hey anon! I'm finally back! Thanks for sticking around. Lots of love!

  2. You are welcome