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Let's first appreciate the goodness that is Korean Movies. Like what???!!!!!!

People who are glued to their laptop screen because of Korean movies aren't exaggerating things o. Korean Movies are worth all the 'ooos and aaas'.

SHE WAS PRETTY is goals! It is a Korean movie that centers on true love, friendship, resolution and importantly, life as a whole. The sweetest thing is that it is a true life story and you would be very happy that the entire strings of event happened in real life. Like, super happy!

I really don't want to give you guys the plot. I would instead advise you to go see it for yourself. If you need it, I have it on my laptop and I'm in Lagos. Ibadan peeps can also get it from me as well. If you are far away, please download it and thank me later.

Instead of a spoiler, let me give you 5 valuable lessons you can learn from this one season beautiful movie.


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In the movie, we see true and undiluted friendship between Choi Si - Won and Kim Hye - Jin. From firstly being a pain in each other's ass to being best pals to the extent that Choi Si - Won even dedicated an entire book to her. Talk about friendship goals! So, the picture above isn't a picture of lovers but best friends. Choi Si - Won loved Kim Hye - Jin too much and wanted to be the real man in her life but unfortunately, Hye Jin loved someone else. However, this didn't stop them from being best of friends in the long run. Life lesson!

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We can't also forget the beautiful relationship between Min Ha Ri and Kim Hye - Jin. They loved each other so much that even though they fell helplessly in love with the same guy, they were ready to sacrifice him to save their relationship. Heyyyyy!!!!! Super friendship goals! In our present world, girllll, your bestie will so stab you with a dagger when it comes to love. You need to see this movie and learn!


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Kim Hye Jin was transferred to a department that she thought would be her worst nightmare but still, she worked her butt off. She wasn't perfect. Infact, she made too many mistakes and got the worst comments. She was hardly ever recognized or appreciated but still, she kept at it. Everyone at work soon recognized her work the day she was fired. The same people that didn't initially appreciate her where the ones begging for her recall. It doesn't matter if you are being appreciated or not, keep doing the right thing. Your hard-work would eventually pay off!


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This realization is such a beautiful one. Kim Hye Jin had always had a passion to be a children's book writer but dumped the passion as she grew older. All thanks to a beautiful elderly woman who gave her the pet talk of her life, she then realized that she wasn't really living her dreams. A 9 - 5 work wasn't her dream. A renown Korean children book author was her dream and she went for it. She went as far as postponing her wedding for a year to focus on her passion and eventually, she got the best out of it. Are you really living your dreams? You've always wanted to be something...are you working towards it? Kim Hye Jin reminds us that we can always be anything we dream of if we put our minds to it.


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Didn't you wonder the kind of man that would agree to for his lady to postpone their wedding for a year to pursue her dreams? Park Seo - Joon is that man! Goals! From being her worst nightmare to being the best thing that ever happened to her. He made her life a living hell...A LIVING HELL! But the funny thing is that he knew deep down that he loved her badly but would never admit because she wasn't really his type in the true sense of it. But when realization dawned, true love conquered type, specification, expectations, limitations...everything! You really want to know what true love is and how to survive in a long distance relationship? Please see this movie!



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Yaas! Don't let anyone tell you less! Min Ha - Ri was like the perfect girl with the cute face, figure, carriage, dress sense, wealth and waterview while Kim Hye - Jin was the lower class girl, unkempt hair, unattractive look, poor dress sense and carriage and this lowered her self esteem. She felt she wasn't pretty and this made her almost loose the love of her life. The day she accepted that she was pretty and accepted who she was by taking good care of herself without wanting to conform to society's standard, things began to fall in place. You are prettier than you think and accept. Lift your head up! Let Kim Hye - Jin teach you by watching this beautiful season movie.

Its just one season and I bet you, from the start till the end, you won't want to drop your laptop. Thank me later!

Which other interesting movie have you seen? Do let me know!

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  1. so how do i get it oooooo? i stay in lagos. Oshodi to be precise

    1. Ohk. Message me on whatsapp - 09021163006 so I can make arrangements on how we can see. Enjoy your day sweet!