By Emete Smart - 11:36

Hey Guys!

Been a while!

Actually, its been months and I've been very busy due to NYSC and the Masters Programme I plan on running. So, I'm back to reading again...wheew!

The major reason I haven't been able to blog is due to the terrible state of my laptop. It no longer works without an electrical supply and it all started when I returned back from NYSC Camp. This has to be the most annoying thing ever. I wonder who touched it while I was away. As usual, everyone denied having a hand in it. So, I can't use my laptop unless there is light and this is just really pissing.

Anyway, its all good. The laptop has kind of tried. Since February 2016! Over two years. Good one.

While I was away, a couple of things happened and amongst them is my winning of the Ikeja City Mall #icmgivesyouwings competition where we were required to snap by a wing at the mall, upload it on either our Facebook or Instagram page and get the likes whooping in. And to think that I just entered it for the fun of it and I eventually was one of the winners is quite funny. But its all good.

I was also one of the winners of MsPepo's competition on Instagram. She asked us to comment something funny and stupid at the same time which I did for the fun of it and was one of the two lucky winners! You know the funny thing about winning money on Instagram? Many tines when you're all serious and commenting as stated, you barely get to win anything but when you just decide to do it for the fun of it without putting all your mind in it, thats when you get the surprise.

Just a little stuff for you to realize that life doesn't have to be taken too seriously. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Be adventurous and explore the world. You never know what waits ahead of you! Hopefully, I'm totally back. So, expect more beautiful posts. Have a great day ahead.


Lots of love!

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  1. been a long while oo..always opening the blog to check if you ve uploaded stuffs. tried checking up on you on the whatsapp no you put here number not active. welcome back

    1. Awww...seyi booboo. Just seeing your comment. Thanks love!

  2. not Seyi ooooo

  3. Whhhoa... Congratulations o. It's really good being here again. I love the face lift you gave your blog and its subjects too. Keep flying, Emete.
    With love from

    1. Teslim boo! Thanks a bunch. I do appreciate you! Keep flying!