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"I'm in a relationship", I told him
"Lol. It doesn't mean anything to me as long as you are not wearing a ring or married. Even if you're wearing a ring sef, as long as you're not married, you're still available to me", he told me.
Nothing pisses me off than hearing this kind of reply from a guy. Like, I feel its absolutely insane and disrespectful of a guy to feel he has every form of ownership and entitlement over a lady who is not married but in a relationship. For someone to be in a relationship, it signifies that she is in an institution that should be very well respected. She has a partner with whom she shares the hope of a future with and that should be very well respected by everyone that comes around her.

Except you have a personal conviction (which is very relative) that she's the one for you, I don't think you should keep on pushing any further. No matter how much you like or love a lady, once she tells you she's in a relationship, it simply means you should back off and give her a whole lot of space except you guys are really close buddies and then, she wouldn't expect you to bring up such discussion again, at least while she's still in the relationship. Strictly friendship.

But nowadays, many guys do not care. Some guys even stupidly say,

"You won't marry this your boyfriend that you're carrying on your head like this. It is me you will finally marry last last"

And I'm like...really??? Another lady with little or no patience would have dazed such a guy. I want to implore guys in this category to really stop this thing. It's not a cool move. Respect her relationship and if she ends up not being with the guy later on, she could respectfully consider you later on. Relationships shouldn't be forced. How would you feel if another guy is disturbing your own girlfriend and telling her that her relationship doesn't matter or mean anything? You would be mad, right? Then quit such attitude. It pisses off too many ladies.

What I can propose a guy does is to show he likes and wants her through his actions and the kind of words he uses around her. Making her comfortable, feel loved and happy is a good way of sending a signal to her that you really like her and wish to be with her. She could consider you because of this but telling her that her relationship doesn't matter and she must be with you? HELL NO!

What do you guys think? Do you think guys should still push their feelings forward to a lady they know is in a relationship or its a NO - NO?

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