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During and after the wizkid Afrorepublik concert, virtually almost everyone got talking about how successful it was, the massive turnout and all the positives. But then, there was another topic of concern - the outfit of Tiwa Savage. While a few people thought she was just doing her thing, a greater major felt it was too sexual and not in any way decent.

From the way the music industry has been, decency is not seen as a yardstick to get a good and reasonable fan base as well endorsement deals and a host of goodies that comes with the music industry. Unlike the males, all that is needed is a good voice, a nice song, great beat and awesome visuals to accompany it. For the females, more is required and one of such is the loss of home training when it comes to dressing.

Let's have a look at some of the female musicians we currently have in Nigeria. I would be rating them as follows -

  • Sexual
  • Averagely Sexual
  • Too sexual
  • Decent
  • Averagely decent

The ratings are my personal opinion and I would love to know what you think in the comment section!


This beautiful singer has been in the industry right from the days of MTN project fame. Then, she was still the decent, cute singer with her nerdy glasses. But once she broke out into the real music industry, for whatever reason, she became really sexual in her outfit. Both in her music videos and during her performances at shows, she's always revealing something. Many times, I find her look too out of place as being shapy and wearing too much of body hugging stuff isn't too decent. But her point is not to be decent, right?

VERDICT - Too Sexual


There used to be a lot of complaints about how Tiwa Savage cannot dress to save her life and she needs to get a new fashion stylist. But all that has gone down the drain recently. She has been tagged a sex symbol in the music industry from the days of singles like "WANTED" and recently "GET IT NOW". Her appearance at Afrorepublik was the cane that broke the camel's back. Her butt could be seen clearly. This is not the first time so it didn't really take me by surprise. However, a little less would always be cool

VERDICT - Averagely Sexual


Coming from a gospel - music background, the singer has a lot of eyes prying on her. Fortunately, people do not really bash her on whether she appears sexual or not. The most bashing she has received has to do with whether she can dress well or not and that has also gone down a bit. At the start of her career, she was revealing only her legs. Then it drifted to her tummy and shoulders. Now, she's opening up a little more and can comfortably pose in  bum shorts. We are still grateful that she can't be mistaken for a sexual symbol. Simi is still quite decent compared to many others.

VERDICT - Averagely Decent


 The super cute project fame star is in no competition with anyone. Even though she is yet to have a recent hit, she doesn't go about dressing out of the world to stay in the news. She knows when to cover up and when to reveal a little for professional purposes. Saying Chidinma is decent is quite relative but to me, compared to other female artists, she's decent.

VERDICT - Decent

The way you project your sexuality to the public has a lot to do with where you're coming from and your belief system. What do you think of the verdict given? Do you agree or disagree? Are there other female arts you want me to talk about? Let me know!

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