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The flight of stairs looked like it wasn't going to end. When Zina finally got to the last floor, she heaved a deep sigh of relief. After few seconds of rest, she located her father's office. Her father, Mr Gethrow, sat on his Swivel Mesh Office Chair in a very relaxed manner but his facial expression showed that he was quite disturbed.

"Dad, the earlier you realize that you guys have to fix the elevator, the better for this entire company", zina said and threw herself on an upholstery chair located at the far end of the office.

"Now, is that how to greet your father?", Mr Gethrow asked with a displeased look.

"Okay, okay. Good day dad!", she said, throwing her hands in the air.

Mr Gethrow shook his head and turned to face the young man standing in front of him.

"Erm, what's your name again?", he asked

"Ziglar, sir", the young man responded with a little bow.

"Yes, Ziglar. I'm not convinced. My daughter's security is of topmost priority to me and I can't just put her life into the hands of anyone. You mentioned you don't have any family member which is a zero zero for me and the supposed uncle you talked about hasn't showed up. I can't...I can't do this. I can't take you. I'm sorry. You should seek employment somewhere else", Mr Gethrow said

There was a brief silence before Ziglar finally responded.

"I would like you to give it another thought sir and..."

"I've thought about it well enough and I stand by my word!", Mr Gethrow said firmly.

Ziglar bit his lips. "Alright. Thanks for having me.", he said and turned to leave when Zina stood up to pick a magazine. She was almost getting to the magazine table when she hit her leg on the chair beside Ziglar and tripped. Fortunately for her, ziglar was quick to give her a catch.

"Watch where you're going", he told her when he had raised her up

"And who are you to tell me that???", she asked with a scornful look whilst pushing off his hands

"I was just about taking my leave", he narrowed his eyes and walked out of the office.

Totally disgusted, she planted her hands on her hips and turned to her father.

"And who is or was that?", she asked

"Nobody", he waved off


"Well, I was in search of a body guard for you and he applied almost immediately. Don't worry about anything. I didn't employ him"

"Really?", she whimpered. "Well, he's not that bad. Did anyone else apply?"

"No but I will make sure..."

"You should employ him", she interrupted

"What?! I thought you..."

"For real, you should employ him. Look at what happened. I almost tripped and he was there to save the day. It says a lot about him"

"Zina, securing a life goes beyond catching you before a fall or any of that"

"Dad, its me. I'm the one who wants to be guarded and I choose him. You should employ him"

Mr Gethrow shook his head and dialed the landline.

"Mr Gethrow on the line. You've been employed"


P.S - This is a pure fiction. All the names, places etc are totally fiction. Have fun reading the story series!

(Image SourceDonnel Blaylock)

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