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Inasmuch as the NYSC allowee isn't so much...in actual fact, it's much smaller that what many of us collected as our pocket money back in the university but personally, there's a particular kind of feeling that comes with collecting this particular one. I don't know if its just me but I felt elated when I received my NYSC allowance alert from Access Bank. I felt like a fresh graduate who is actually working and being paid monthly for a job well done.

Back in camp, the state co-ordinator told us after we were paid our allowance in cash that we won't be paid till the end of June and so, we should spend our first allowance with sense. Unfortunately, the temptation of Mammy Market was super strong and many of us didn't know when we spent at least 50% of the money there. Many Corpers spent the entire N19,800 in less than a week and left camp very broke. I remember a fellow corp member of mine messaging me just few days after camp that he was down with malaria and has no money on him. When I asked him about the allowance we were paid in Camp, he told me that it was long finished. I felt for him because he's from the north and really doesn't know how best to get funds in a strange city like Lagos.

He was totally stuck. Many Corpers have been stuck since they came out of camp. So when we started seeing a broadcast message on whatsapp of a supposed chat between the state co-ordinator and another fellow Corper telling him that due to the fact that many corpers have unfortunately gone broke, we would be paid by the end of May, many of us didn't believe. I silently prayed it was true because people love spreading sweet but false rumor.


Few days later, I started hearing that people in other states have already been paid allowance, I was very happy but no one from Lagos had been paid. I was quite angry with Lagos because I felt Lagos should always come first in these things only for me to see an alert of N19,800 from Access Bank on my phone. My joy knew no bounds. I was super excited but kept such precious information away from my family because if they get to know, every dime I used to get from them would seize with the excuse that "Sebi government has paid you. Go and use you allowee". To avoid stories that touch, I decided to spend my allowance privately.

Kudos to the federal government for at least paying attention to the plights of Corpers and deciding to pay us for the second time in May. And Access Bank is a dope bank. They were the first bank to pay in Lagos State. It took a while before other banks started paying. Also, they have a great customer service. I guess I would finally port from First Bank to Access Bank. NYSC Allowee is the best thing that happened to me since I graduated not because of the amount but because of the fulfillment that comes with being paid for a service.

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