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Serving in Lagos State has been a bitter - sweet experience for me. I would assuredly write about my experience in the Lagos State Camp soon. I was posted to the Lagos State Ministry but I won't disclose the particular ministry. When I got my posting letter and saw my proposed Primary Place of Assignment (PPA), I had really high expectations. I really wanted to have a taste of what it felt like to be a government worker especially in a state like Lagos. I had no idea what was done there and was really curious to know.

Fast forward to when I was finally accepted and we were to begin work, I ironed my cloth, did my makeup and left home early enough to get to work. Unfortunately, I got to work at 8:27am. I really felt bad because I wanted to leave a good impression in the mind of my boss but Lagos traffic just had to mess it up.  I and my fellow corp members waited at a particular hall for perhaps almost an hour before we were bumped into and called to be attended to.

We were afterwards taken to our various departments and introduced to the Head of department. My Head of Department was really happy to meet me. After I had introduced myself, she introduced herself and welcomed me to the department. In the process, a friend of hers walked in - the woman works in the ministry too. Naso gist start o. I had to sit down whilst listening to their gist. After a while of waiting, I had to interrupt their gist. I asked her about my specific duties and functions in the department. That was when she referred me to a top staff in the department. She told me that the man would tell me more and everything about the department because she didn't have the time to do so.

She took me to the man and told me that whenever I'm done there, I should return back to her so that she can then tell me my specific duties and responsibilities. The man was super friendly and cool. He told me to sit down and after operating the television in his office, he finally made me introduce myself. When I was done, he began telling me everything about the department. He spoke to me like a daughter of his but strictly told me he didn't condole indiscipline.

While we were still discussing, another female staff walked in angrily to complain about another staff that was always posting irrelevant things on the whatsapp group they created. After they had concluded that the guy couldn't change, she decided to take her leave. At that moment, a staff from another department walked in and they told me he was the comedian of the department. The supposed comedian cracked a whole lot of dry jokes and I had to just fake laughter while the people present laughed heartily. Before he left, he remarked

"Why didn't they bring this beautiful girl to my department?"

While all that was going on, another man who I was later told is the husband of the woman that came to complain came in and the gist escalated. After a while, they all finally left and I was super excited. Then the man told me that was the way they were in the department. He said,

"In this department, we are friendly and are like one family. We talk, gossip, backbite and have fun"

I nodded my head. After a while, he was called to go somewhere and he left me to enjoy myself in his very cold office - the A.C was seriously something else. Later on, I became hungry and had to get something to eat at shoprite. I met with my fellow corp member, ate and later went home from there. The next day, I resumed work almost about 9am and most people were not even around. That means I was quite early sef judging from that standard.

I signed attendance and was given the key to my male boss office. After staying there for a while, I met with my fellow corp members. I stayed in their office and we gisted for a long while before they were called to work. I and another corper of mine then went to her own office and continued the gist from there. I told her I was going to leave by 12pm. When it was 12pm, I  carried my bag and left after greeting my boss who arrived around 11am. I thought they were going to shout at me but they were so glad to see me and told me I can go wherever I wanted to go to.

They advised me to bring my laptop next time so that I could do whatever I felt like doing on it. Naso I leave from there o. I messaged a fellow corper of mine who works in the same ministry but didn't come due to her CDS and told her that I didn't even do anything today and she laughed it off and said the ministry is a place of enjoyment.

So far, I've had a swell time at the ministry. I really don't have work to do there except if an actual work comes in which only comes in once in a while. My supposed duties would require typing, writing of scripts and perhaps, research. The Ministry is quite fun and super less stressful. I'm happy about it because it has given me the chance to do other things I want to do. I would count myself lucky to be in the particular ministry I am. I can't really allow myself to be over - used because we aren't going to be paid at the end of the day. I can only hope for a smooth experience throughout.

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