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In life, don't let your expectations be too high. Simply hope for the best instead of having high expectations. I went into Lagos Camp with very high expectations and that was because of the various hypes and talks about the camp. People can lie for Africa o.

Anyway, my experience in camp was bitter-sweet but more of the bitter part than of sweetness. You'll know why shortly.


The registration process was quite short for me - 30 minutes I guess. This was because I arrived the morning of the specific day the camp was to resume. So I was fast in doing everything. The only thing I didn't do the first day was health registration which I did later on because the crowd had become so much. Many of us who were on our white and white uniform weren't allowed to do our health registration ASAP. We were sent to the parade ground to march instead. They were however attending to those who were just coming in and were not on uniform. I had to borrow sense and change to mufti so as to be attended to quickly.


My code number ended with zero (0), so I was automatically in Platoon 10. I really enjoyed my platoon because they were both funny and lazy. There was always one gossip or the other going rumour or the other spreading. From rumours that the platoon leader and assistant platoon leader were dating to rumours of slay queens been caught in the act. There was always one rumour spreading. Most of us didn't like our assistant platoon inspector. She was VERY rude and when we saw her driving a big car and wearing a wedding ring, we concluded that she was one of those spoilt kids out there that were lucky to marry rich men. Till we left, many people had one problem or the other with her.

My platoon was always at the extreme end of the parade ground during meetings or morning drills. So we always had enough space to sit on the floor while others were standing. Many of us, including me, got punished by the soldiers more than once. Unfortunately, we lost in many of the games and sports held in the camp but luckily won in the football competition and surprisingly won the Mr Macho competition. Funny enough, many of my platoon members gossiped that our platoon guy didn't deserve to win and I just wondered why people would still be doing "bad-belle" for someone in the same platoon.


We were 30 in a room and at a point, the NYSC Co-ordinators wanted to bring in more people. Thank God they changed their mind. The room was super stuffy and I had no choice than to buy a small fan which I kept on my bed to use every night. The two ceiling fans in the room were close to useless to me but useful to the lady sleeping directly under it, as well as those around it. I was on the 2nd floor and many times, I had to go to other floors in search of water because the girls on my floor were either wasting the water or spoiling the facilities.

The hostel cleaners tried their best to keep the hostel clean but so many girls still had to display terrible home training. From urinating on the balcony to pooing on the floor, to littering the balcony with dirts to spoiling toilet facilities to pouring water on the balcony floor. The balcony was always a mess.


The camp food was quite dope compared to other camps. I collected camp food perhaps 5 times and spent the rest of my time in camp buying from mammy market. We were over 2,700 in camp but I guess they usually only cooked for about 500 - 1000 people because many people were always told that food was finished whenever they got to the kitchen. Many people complained of the Co-ordinators at the kitchen of being very rude. Others complained that the food made them purge every day. Well, my philosophy is "quit the kitchen, go to mammy".


The camp co-ordinators tried very hard to infuse social activities into our camp activities. We always had a social activity from 8pm to 10.30pm at least twice or thrice a week. From welcome party to camp blast to camp fire night to music competition where people won contracts worth of millions to Mr and Miss NYSC. The camp fire night which was the last activity in camp was unfortunately the worst social activity because of how disorganised it eventually went. There were so many people that always spent the social activity time sleeping ahead of waking up by 4.30am the next day. I made sure I attended EVERY social activity including times I was sick.


This was another life entirely. Lagos Camp Mammy Market isn't so big but there was nothing you needed to survive in camp that you wouldn't find there even with its small size. Everything possible was sold there including weed, cocaine, Indian hemp and other illegal stuffs I would be talking about later. My favourite places were the restaurants. I spent most days discovering new food places. Some food sellers had great luck such as KOREDE spaghetti place, Igbo kitchen, Adams place (my fave), the smoothie store beside Adams place. They had great luck because they made hundreds of thousands of Naira selling food in 3 weeks.

One lady who sold some south - South food once told me that many of the food sellers that sold so much were using jazz(juju, charm). My padi who also sold food once told me that he made as much as 200,000 selling food in mammy market weekly and even more. While so many people made money in mammy, many other people lost money and eventually closed down. I drycleaned most of the time and I spent N50 charging my phone everyday and extra in charging my fan.


As expected, the camp hosted slay queens and kings who were in camp to do fashion parade even in the white and white uniform. So many girls would come to the parade ground with wedding makeup as early as 4.30am and I usually wonder if they are indeed alright in the head. Others would not wear panties, especially the ones with big butt. Few refused to wear bra. So, nipples could be seen baring from their transparent white.

Some would wear transparent brassier especially the ones who were quite big and really busty. Many wore a whole lot of very fancy glasses, disguising that it was because of the hot sun. From pink coloured glasses to red to purple etc...So many designer glasses. Slay kings also wore very expensive sport shoes, wrist watches and were in the act of showing that they were boxed up. Many of them spent more than 100k in camp, spending seriously on ladies and wasting money all around.


I feel some people need to go for deliverance in church. There were too many cases of theft in camp. From stealing of IPhones to stealing of khaki, face cap and other uniforms. My water bail was stolen twice as well. Funny enough, most theft cases came from the female hostel which is quite unfortunate because these are future wives and mothers.

People who had their way refused to come out from the hostel during morning drills. How they hid from soldiers, I really don't know. Very smart people. They might also be the people who stayed back to steal other people's stuff but it's not guaranteed.


I came to camp being in a relationship so I wasn't open at all to any relationship. Quite a number of guys asked me out but I clearly told them NO while I allowed some to buy food for me before telling them NO. Lol, it is sense ni. Many people who were in a relationship before coming to camp lied that they weren't in any and dated other people in camp either to sleep with the other person or simply double date. Few found genuine relationships but I know of none because it was hard to decipher true from fake relationship in camp.

Many married people especially the married women started new relationships in camp which is quite unfortunate. They might continue their adultery after camp or end it in camp. The philosophy is "what happens in camp, stays in camp".

I WILL end my experience gist here. The rest would be gisted in the part 2 of this post. So, don't sleep on bicycle. Keep checking the blog to read the following categories under part 2. Lots of love!









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  1. Lol.
    Wasting money all around, I thought most ladies love heavy spenders.