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Virtually almost everyone has gone through one phase of depression or the other. People get depressed for varying reasons and in the end, its not just about how strong you are but how strong the ties that surround you are because for real, when one is depressed, its a battle that cannot be fought alone except by the Grace of God. But when you have people around you who are holding you up in every way they can, your road to a depressed free life is guaranteed.

Depression is intense sadness and truth be told, anything can bring about depression. Anything as insane as nothing. Yes, a person can be depressed for no reason. Let's look at some reasons why people get depressed.

  • SICKNESS - Being sick is the leading cause of depression all over the world. Any one can be sick, especially mild sicknesses like malaria, fever, typhoid, aches that come once in a while. But when a person is in consistent and constant sickness or in a life-threatening sickness, depression comes in and this is almost unavoidable because all sorts of thoughts come into a sick person's head and mind and all these lead to depression.
  • BREAK-UPS - It can either be a relationship breakup or a divorce between a husband and wife. Depression comes in when the person was actually so much in love with the other person. When the entire relationship is suddenly over, this can lead to depression.
  • LONELINESS/REJECTION - Being lonely can lead to serious depression. It's possible to have millions of friends online but no physical friend in reality. This can lead to depression. When no one wants to talk to you or be known with you, it can lead to intense sadness. And rejection can come in various ways. It can be that people around have rejected you for who you are or a particular business idea or something you are passionate about has been rejected. This can lead to depression.
  • HARD TIMES/POVERTY - Being in poverty automatically means you are in a hard time but being in a hard time doesn't automatically mean that you are in poverty. You can be working in a firm or organization or even have a business but things aren't going well at your firm or in your business.
There are still many reasons and causes of depression but the above are quite more common. When it comes to knowing when a person is depressed, there aren't really specific signs. Why? Because someone might just be tired and not want to talk to anyone, that doesn't signify depression. Depression doesn't really show on the face and you might not know a person is depressed until they voice it out. Due to this, there are some things that are expected of each and everyone of us. There are some attitudes we are expected to display and show to everyone around us whether they are going through any rough situation or not.


Its not enough for someone to share their situation with you and then you say things like "Its not only you o", "This world is cruel and unfair to everyone", "Me sef get my own problem", "If you know what me sef is going through ehn, you'll pity me", "My problem is far bigger than yours o". It's not enough to make any of these statement. You shouldn't even say all these things. Instead, try and encourage them and if you can, give then one or two words of advice.


Always be there for your friends. You really don't know what they are going through. If you get the slightest hint, be ready to be available for them either physically or even online. In any way, always make them know that you will always be there for them.


If they are in a situation where you can help, don't hesitate to do so.


Nothing beats the efficacy of prayers. God very well answers prayers. You can pray with them and for them. It will go a long way

There are many more attitudes you can display to all your friends and those who are depressed. Importantly, let them know you truly love and care for them. Make it a routine to call and message your friends often. If you notice they've not been online for a while, make sure you call them. You never can know what exactly is wrong till you call. If they are sick, make sure you check on them as often as possible. If they have any form of problem, make sure you show them love.

And showing love isnt limited to those you know alone. If you find someone sitting alone and looking depressed, you can always reach out, hear their story and if you can, help them in any way but if you can't, simply encourage them. Your words of encouragement might be all they need at the moment. This would go a long way and prevent them from having any form of suicidal thoughts.

In what other way do you think we can help a person who is depressed or having suicidal thoughts?

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