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Buhari declared June 12 the new democracy day in Nigeria. For real, he deserves some accolades. That's to say that for once, his advisers or the people surrounding him were able to intelligently think out of the box. With this impressive act, it is not far-fetched that Buhari has scored a major political point. Politics is unfortunately a game and you need to be a smart head to be able to score intelligently. Even if you are a dummy, you don't need a prophet to tell you that you need to have smart people around you.

Looking at the current situation of Nigeria, economy-wise, a sane person wouldn't want to cast a vote in favor of Buhari. The economy really dwindled under his tenure. Buhari and his team played a fast one on us but still, a smart one at that. They made up for where they had flaws. Everything good they achieved under this tenure of "change" was in half. How?

  • Regaining of looted funds from PDP members - Relooting those funds and refusing to probe corrupt APC members
  • Rescuing the dapchi girls from Boko Haram's den - Releasing quite a number of Boko Haram members, paying them a lot of money and slowing down in actions to rescue the Christian Dapchi girl still in their den
  • Starting out the repairing of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway - Abandoning the project half way and only pretending to continue a year before the 2019 elections
  • Providing good and stable electricity for Nigerians - Quite a number of places still don't have light...countless places in Nigeria
  • Declaring Niger Delta Militants and Biafran agitators as terrorist - Refusing to declare Fulani Herdmen terrorists
  • Attending Dangote's Daughter wedding in the north - Refusing to be physically present at benue state to review the attacks of Fulani Herdsmen on many communities in the area
  • Signing the "Not-Too-Young-To-Run" bill - Calling Nigerian youths Lazy
And then, knowing fully well that all his moves aren't really going to pay him, he rose up to do what many Yoruba predecessors refused to do - he declared June 12 a democracy day in honor of late chief MKO Abiola. It's quite a big shame to Obasanjo and other Yorubas that have in one way or the ruled the country or sat in the advisory board of the presidency. Assuredly, Goodluck Jonathan tried to take the same smart move during his tenure by renaming the University of Lagos after MKO Abiola but people termed it a wrong move and so many unilag students cried foul.

Buhari has in his own wisdom appeased the Yorubas and fortunately for him, quite a number of south - westerners might just give a rethink and decide to vote for him just because of this very wise late hour decision. He has scored a very major political point and is already building a large fan base once again.

Not forgetting that he is smartly using the youths in his favor. He broke his fast yesterday with some Nigerian celebrities who represent the Nigerian Youth. Obviously, he wants to win celebrities to himself. Once he can do that, he can win their fans. Smart moves!

But then, Nigerians should take heed lest they fall. Nigerians should be able to think better and smarter in order to understand the political games being played by the people in power. Before you get so hyper and conclude on whom to vote for, ask yourself the following questions,

  1. Am I better than I was before Buhari's regime?
  2. How well has my business been doing under this economy?
  3. Out of all the promises APC made, how many of them have they been able to honestly fulfill? (Remember the N1 = $1 saga?)
  4. Do I really feel Buhari did what he did because of his passion and love for Nigeria or because of his personal and political interest and agenda?
  5. Do I think Nigeria would be better off come 2019 in terms of economy and security?
  6. Do I really still want to give this same old APC a chance or I want a taste of something new and fresh?
Let us take time to think deeply before taking drastic decisions that might either make us as a country or mar us. Don't allow unnecessarily sentiments or present goodies make you forget your past woes which is a great determinant of how the future might be.

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