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For real, if anyone tells me that Obasanjo would be in the state he is today, I would say NA LIE.

Obasanjo has long been regarded and referred as the God-Father of Nigerian Politics. He has been seen by many as a man to be feared and highly respected. Asides from a very select few like his daughter who could throw and exchange words with him, no one ever really crossed his path not to talk of pointing fingers at him.

But just after Buhari signed the June 12 bill and decided to honor the late MKO Abiola, so many unexpected people have been coming after him and my phone notification bar has been buzzing with the latest person insulting or pointing accusing fingers at him. Indeed, in politics and even life, there are no permanent friends. In fact, no one is really your friend.


Firstly, people started saying Obasanjo has been disgraced for not doing what he ought to do and for allowing a northerner honor his fellow statesman instead which is a slap on his face. From there, politicians and notable people in the country started contributing to the matter with none in support of him. Even Abiola's daughter recently came out to declare that Obasanjo wasn't voted in but was only appointed by a powerful select few in the country.

Obasanjo has since come out to "cry" about the supposed evil plots going on against him. Even Oshiomole has declared that if he was Buhari, he would have jailed Obasanjo. What a WAOWU! These are the same people that wined and dined in the past o. Remember Obasanjo tore his PDP membership card during Jonathan's tenure and cross carpeted to APC? Remember he was a strong force towards the election of Buhari? Now, he decided to leave APC to form his own party and things haven't been smooth for him ever since.

Well, the "movie" just started and I can't wait to see who wins at the end. Obasanjo is a strong old man and he might just find his way through all the present controversies or not.

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