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Last month, after the stress of going to my PPA to get accepted and all the jumble and struggle of stress, I finally boarded a public bus going home. I was sitted beside a well dressed young man that looked so much like a least from the way he was dressed. I was very tired and couldn't wait to get home and have a great day rest. While the bus was in motion, the young man decided to say HI to me. I wouldn't have answered because I was really tired but just not to look like a snub, I decided to answer.

After exchanging pleasantries, he stopped talking. Later on, he brought up another conversation and I struggled to answer. Long story cut short, he pleaded for my number and that he would love to see me again. I reluctantly gave him and dropped at my bus stop. I honestly quite forgot about him till I got his whatsapp message the next day. He introduced himself and it took me a while to remember him. We started talking and just a few minutes into the chat, he told me had something very important to tell me.

The next thing I he said was that he loves me so much and would like for us to date. I was like "WHAT???!!!!". Love me in how many hours? Less than 48 hours! While I believe in love at first sight, I don't believe you should just go saying it to the person you feel you're in love with in less than 48 hours. I mean, this is not Hollywood. This is reality. Except if you guys actually clicked on the first day and can't really get over the first meeting and you both profess to each other almost immediately...I don't even want to believe that something of such can happen.

I felt really irritated. It would have been better if he had said he loved me but he worsened it by telling me that he wanted us to urgently date. He specifically mentioned that he wanted us to be in a romantic relationship. In my mind, I was like "This one don smoke something sha. Afi romantic relationship" I decided to be polite and mentioned I was in a relationship but he said it doesn't mean. I really don't know why guys nowadays don't respect when you tell them you're in a relationship. That's a discussion for another day.

Personally, I feel guys who jump around asking for a relationship a day after meeting a lady is very unserious and I don't think any serious lady would take such a guy serious. Such a guy would look desperate and in a case when he's even specifically saying he desires a romantic relationship, it won't be far fetched that he only wants the pants not the heart. Such a man should be told off immediately and is bad news.

Telling a lady you like about your feelings should be done at least a week after and then a relationship discussion should be brought up after a few meetings when you're sure she's everything you want. Don't tell me you're very sure of her on the first meeting. Are you a seer that has seen the future and knows all about her? These things take time and should be done with sense. It doesn't mean you should take forever before professing love but at least, not immediately and the right words should be used. This is just my own opinion. Let me know what you think below.

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