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For this week's inspiration post, I would say "CHOOSE TO STAY ALIVE".

Depression is one of the fastest killers in our present world but no matter what, choose to stay alive.

No matter what you're facing, choose to stay alive!

You have to know that this world is all about the survival of the fittest and there's nothing you're currently going through that no one hasn't gone through. If they could choose to stay alive, so can you.

No matter what you're going through, there's always a way out! That's the blunt truth!

And the way out is never suicide or depression or suicidal and negative thoughts. The way out is never isolation. One of the way out is choosing to stay alive.


Make a mental declaration and promise to yourself that no matter what, you would stay alive even when all odds are not in your favor.

I want you to know that God is real. Miracles are real and a miracle can happen at anytime. If you are sick, God can heal you. A miracle can happen and that incurable disease can be gone at this minute only if you are positive and you believe.

This is a phase and it would surely pass.

No one is perfect. Recently, different celebrities have been coming out to tell their depression stories and how they have overcome it. From Nancy Isime to Mo'cheddah and recently, Adesua Etomi. That's to tell that even these supposed celebrities do not have it perfect. Therefore, you are not alone. Choose to stay alive!

Rebuke every evil and negative thought and seek help when necessary.

If you go, if you choose to go, the world would move on. Trust me, nothing would stop. A few people would cry and they would move on with their lives. If you were VERY special, a few people might do remembrance of you later on in life. But what's the essence? All the purpose God created you for, all shattered. What's really the essence?

If you're fighting a mental battle for whatever reason, please seek help with a reliable friend or family member. Talk to me if you can. I don't have it perfect but in the little way I can, I would make sure I encourage, advice and pray with you. I would make sure I check on you frequently. Please don't hide under the disguise of being strong and happy when inside you is dead. Seek help and get out of that lying state the devil wants to fix you in.

You can!

Choose to stay alive!

I love you but God loves you more!

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