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Yo! Just because I love games. Let's play a game! Its 60 seconds with me! If you have questions you would love to ask me, send them to me and I would answer them all in the next game tagged "60 seconds with Emete". Let's go!


Mention 5 things you do when you wake up

1. Press my phone (very bad habit, I know)
2. Pray
3. Go round the house to see who's still around (because I usually wake up quite late after most people in the house have gone to work). If anyone is still around, I start disturbing them (last born issues...lol)
4.. Brush my teeth (because there might be food or I might have to cook something to eat) and bath
5. Watch some TV (cos there's always light)


Best and Worst food

My best food right now is Spaghetti bolognese. I used to love amala and abula but I guess I've eaten too much of it already.
My worst food is Fufu with anything. Once the swallow is fufu, I'm out. The smell nauseates me and the taste is the worst thing ever...eew!


What you would never write online

I'm not perfect but I would write to portray a better side of me than a bad side of me. I wouldn't write about my deepest fears except I've conquered them and moved on from it. I would prefer to portray myself in a good light.


A celebrity you feel has the same personality as you

Waowu! This is a tough one. Well, I can't really say and I don't know of any celebrity that has the same personality with me. I guess I'm unique in my own way. However, when I was younger, people used to say I looked like Stella Damasus.
I don't know how true that is. We might kind of resemble but I doubt we share the same personality.


Silliest thing you've ever done

I've done countless silly things but I guess the silliest thing I've done has to be when I was in secondary school and I dared my classmate that I was going to walk into a particular shop and ask for money. They laughed in disbelief and I decided to do it to prove my point. They were all surprised and believed my words from then.


Your love language

Yo! This is super personal. Well, attention is my love language. Does attention count as a love language? Lol.

Taa-dah! And I hit the 60 seconds mark! Let me know if we have any similarity and if you have any question for me, let me know. I'll answer them all in the next game!

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