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It's very possible to be in a relationship and yet be single. You are in a relationship because you are committed to someone and you both agreed to keep the commitment. You are at the same time single because even though there is a commitment in place, it is apparently just coming from your end alone. The other party mouths their commitment but fails to showcase it in their actions. It is very important to know and realize when someone is interested in you and when someone doesn't give a damn about your existence. Once you realize this, you should be walking towards letting go. These 5 signs show that they are not interested in you whether you are in a relationship with them or about to enter into a relationship with them


When someone truly cares about you, they would want to know how well you are doing and be sure you are very fine. When someone loves you, they really want to talk to you at all times. It is possible that they might want to talk to you but due to work and other engagement, they are unable to do so. However, they try hard to make an effort to reach out to you whenever they get the slightest opportunity. It could be through messaging (text, whatsapp, social media messengers), through a call, by sending a friend or by sending gifts. However, if they show no concern or display no effort whatsoever, it is a major sign that they are not interested in you. If they can go a week without contacting you through any means, they are not interested in you. And trust me, if they are not contacting you, they are contacting someone else. Don't help them cook an excuse of being busy. When you love someone, you make out time for them, no matter how little.


When you care and love someone, you would be interested in everything that person does. You would be worried about them when they are down or have issues. You tend to take up issues that concern them and try to figure out a solution. But when they really do not care about what goes on in your life or are not worried/interested in anything that has to do with you, it says a lot. And the bigger lot is that they really don't care about you and are therefore not interested in you.


Being in a relationship, there is no reason why you would not want to showoff the person you're seeing to the world. Fine. There is a high possibility you both want it private and quite secretive. What of your close circle? You're in a relationship with someone and they have refused to show you to their friends or family or are not really interested in meeting or knowing your friends and family, its a huge sign that they are not really into you or interested in you. If they keep hiding you, then there is something fishy.


There might not be all the chemistry and synergy in the world when you both start dating but if you've been together for a while and there is still zero chemistry and synergy, then there is a problem. If all they do is press their phones when you're with them, whether the conversation is serious or not, then they are not interested in you. If they prefer to hangout with their friends than with you, then they are not interested in you. If they get easily bored during conversations and are quick to yawn, doze off or cut short your talks, then they are not interested in you. You both don't need to do all the PDA in the world but being in a relationship, you should feel happy and comfortable being around the other person. You should be eager to hold hands, smile heartily and feel very comfortable resting on their shoulder or legs. If its always very awkward being around the other person, maybe and just maybe they are not interested in you.


You both argue a lot. You both fight a lot about both relevant and irrelevant things and at the end of the day, you find yourself begging and apologising even when they are the ones at fault. You find yourself calling and trying to make up for what you never broke up in the first place. They never pull a call through for you both to talk about the situation, they never apologise or see anything wrong in their actions. You always feel like the victim and at the same time, the beast even when deep down, you know you're not really at fault. You both fight but you're always the ONLY one fighting for the relationship. Ladies and gentlemen, such a partner is zero percent interested in you in any way.

Relationship is a partnership and it takes two to partner. It takes two to tango. It takes two responsive people. If the other person is showing the above signs, then you're not in a partnership but a one man business. What other signs do you think people show when they are not interested in You?

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