By Emete Smart - 01:49

Thursdays are for work casuals. I feel so because it is one day you're not expected to dress so monday-ly or so friday-ly. You just have to work in between to achieve something great.

I was really worried about to wear because I'm not a fashionista and I really wanted to look good. At least, I try. So I opted for this nice shirt of mine which I got from a boutique in Ibadan. The trouser was sold to me by a friend of mine. Rather than dressing fly, I decided to tuck in to complete the work casual look.

But the only thing is that I complimented my dressing with another shade of blue sandal. Someone once told me that you don't tuck in and wear a sandal. But what could I do? I forgot my flats at camp and finding a size 43 flats hasn't been very easy. Hopefully, yaba market to the rescue.

So what do you think about my look today? Would you rock this look with a sandal or not? Would love to hear from You!

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  1. Bren refreshing your blog all morning. My comment disappeared sha.

    You look lovely. I'd rather use some sneakers or heels. However, for a casual yet classy look you nailed it!

    1. Sneakers or heels is super cool with this outfit. Thanks for the inspo and expo. #winks