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When Adekunle Gold's latest album dropped, I was personally excited and took it upon myself to become his personal hypewoman on my whatsapp status (if you're not following my whatsapp status, what are you really following?😏😏). Funny enough, I hadn't even heard any of the songs on his album (except of course the trending "IRE") before I decided to hype it on my status. This was because I totally assumed it would be absolutely top notch. Sometimes, assumptions could be very costly.

The graphics of the album that was released, the cover photos and all... I was stunned. And then, when I had enough megabyte, I went over to download the songs on his album. I was even more gingered to download them after I had gone through the instastory of Omojuwa, the twitter god. He put up some short videos of his journey to Ibadan and back to Lagos, whilst the album played in the background. Fortunately for me, he tagged the name of the songs in the videos. So, it was very easy for me to download each of them.

Was I 'wowed' after listening to these songs? Well, frankly, NO. Infact, I thought Simi's album beat this album hands down. When my friend, Funbi of Naija FM, chatted me up and we spoke about the album, we both concluded that it was both overhyped and there was nothing spectacular about it.

So when I woke up the next day and got Funbi's message, praising the album, I was gobsmacked and wondering if he had such a happy dream that made him change his mind. But NO, he said he had listened to the album a second time and his orientation changed. ABOUT 30 is a jam jam, in his own words. Well, I still maintain my stand about it being not spectacular, I told him. But then, I decided to simply listen to the songs again and this time, with an earpiece. Yes, I listened to it without an earpiece the first time. Lol. And my oh my, I didn't know when the playlist had repeatedly repeated itself more than five times. I was taken aback.

It was then I realized that I hadn't listened from my soul and with my mind. I was taken away by all the hypes and wanted something out of the world...something to sweep me off my feet. I had forgotten that some songs are very deep and deep requires your soul to indepthly understand and appreciate it and recognize the effort put into it. I concur with Funbi, ABOUT 30 is indeed a jam jam.

The thing about Adekunle Gold's "About 30" is that you need to be patient and ready to listen in order to grasp and understand it. I love the album and I can only thank Adekunle for dropping such a beautiful masterpiece at a time like this. It was highly needed.

If you're yet to download the album, please do so now. You can download the full album by clicking HERE. Have you listened to the album? What do you think? Do let me know in the comment section.

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