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I was at Access Bank today to link my BVN to my new account. But before then, I wanted to make a withdrawal and a transfer through Access Bank Fast Track. However, the desk officer informed me that I would firstly have to link my account before doing any of those. So, I had to head over to the customer service department and after almost a hour of waiting, it was finally linked and I made my way back to the "Fast Track" officer.

I was excited to withdraw my cash and make a transfer but something important caught my attention. There was a very old man standing in front of the officer. He also wanted to make a withdrawal through the Fast Track process. Funny enough, I didn't know there was anything called a Fast Track before now till a friend of mine told me about it today. But this very old man was more informed about it and was using the system. He didn't bother himself with the traditional ATM usage.

This wasn't even what really got my attention. What really and totally got my attention was the fact that he appeared very old but at the same time, very healthy. He wasn't all bent and shaky. There was no help or support behind or around him. He was standing uprightly and even though he squinted his eyes a bit, it was obvious he views quite clearly. Funny enough, he didn't really understand English and so, the Igbo officer had to try hard to explain a few things to him in Yoruba.

But whether he could communicate in a certain language wasn't the problem but the fact that he appeared really strong and healthy. This takes me down memory lane to a very old pastor that once preached at my church many years ago. He was not just strong but basking in good health. He had a clear view and could be seen jumping on the pulpit. His speech was clear and undiluted and as expected, filled with wisdom.

Something happened a few days ago and my dad simply remarked that it was a pity that I missed Church Service last Sunday...not just because of the sermon but because of the man who preached...an elderly man of 70 years. He not only preached outstandingly well, he surprised many with the way he was able to move around and speak strongly well. Nothing was stopping him. He was not just spiritually fit but physically fit.

All these just makes me think about myself and my generation and I'm super grateful that the need to be fit is now strongly being promoted all over social media. The need to eat healthy, physically exercise, rest well and stay fit is now being emphasized because it is highly imperative. It's great to have long life but more great to have long life in good health. It isn't true that you have to be old and sick and wretched. It isn't true that you have to be old and bedridden. It isn't true that you have to be old and blind, shaky and weak. If there are still men and women who are currently old and still fit, strong and glowing as a youth, then we have hope. The latter years of life holds a great hope with these few good healthy old men.

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