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Hey Sweet!

My name is Emete Smart and the three best words to describe me is FUN, FUNNY AND FUNKY. To be honest, these are the best words to describe this blog in its entirety.

I'm a graduate of the University of Ibadan (Great UI students...Great!) and I'm currently serving my beautiful country in the city of Lagos (where my fellow eko corpers???...we full here!).

Importantly, I'm a blog designer and a trained and certified website designer from APTECH Computer Education (if APTECH dinnur train you, are you sure you've really been certified???...#winks). So, if you are in need of a website, holla me and make sure you tell me that you are a blog reader in order to get some nice discount from me. You welcome!

By the side, I'm a writer...if you need me to write some articles for you, your baby girl is here for you. I'm a very interesting and adventurous person. I love to have fun. I'm also a very supportive and positive person.

If you like my personality and want us to be friends, do holla me up on whatsapp - 09098265695. No calls please and no spam messages.

Blogging - wise, I was formerly writing about Ibadan but had to quit due to the fact that I had to leave Ibadan immediately after my graduation. So, if you were a fan of LIVE IN IBADAN, I'm pretty sure you won't vex too much for me. I'm still here for you.

This blog promises to be fun, funny and funky. I would love to hear from you often through your comments and whatsapp messages. If you have any question for me, do holla. I love you plenty!

Lots of Love,

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