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It's the first inspiration post on the blog and I'm super excited!

Today, I just want to encourage, motivate and inspire someone reading this right now to let go and let God.

To let go means to allow and release a person, a thing, a situation or anything you might be holding unto or clinging unto very tightly.

You have to let go because one thing I've come to understand about life is that nothing needs to be forced. Nothing that is yours needs to be forced. Whatever is yours would come to you naturally and without too much energy or force. That's not to say that you don't need to infuse effort when pursuing a goal or something you need. But that is totally different from holding unto something that is yielding no fruit and when viewed from another angle, is bringing you pain.

The thing is whatever you place too highly has the capacity to chain you down and place you in a state of captivity and bondage. It could be that business, that thought, that relationship, that situation you feel you must be in by all means no matter what. But once you understand that what is yours is yours, you would learn to let go and let God.

The concept of letting God stems from the understanding that God loves and prefers to fight your battles. He prefers to handle your battles away from you. If you're so good in handling battles, why don't you stay conscious all through the night to make sure everything goes well while you're asleep? How is that even possible?

We are God's children and he wants us to be like kids in his presence. Kids are so soft and clingy. They want their guardian to always be there for them and fight every of their battles. God wants you to let go of everything hurting and allow him take over. Trust him, He will never disappoint you. Trust His process and method. If it was ever for you, he will bring it back to you painlessly. If it was never for you, He would take it far away from you. Today, let go of everything holding you down and let God.

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