By Emete Smart - 14:08

Just few hours ago, President Buhari signed the "Not Too Young To Run Bill" into law and I'm super sure many people would have heaved a deep sigh of relief because to them, Nigeria is finally moving into its very promised future. But looking at the situation indepthly, is it really so? I was interviewed today by TV36, an online television. You can watch my full interview on their Youtube Channel. The major question that was asked borders around the "Not Too Young To Run Bill" and I'm very glad my opinion was requested.

Left to me, there are two things involved - I am very happy that Buhari has finally signed the bill because afterall, it would allow the youths the opportunity of utilizing the available power to contribute practically to the movement of the country to a better place. However, secondly, the signing isn't actually the total way out for us. What we need right now and the kind of person we need in 2019 is a person with a vision and a mission to move the country forward. We need someone who is absolutely passionate about the country and not only has great plans but also has the needed integrity to implement these dreams.

No one comes into the presidential seat without a plan - either adequate or not. But not everyone has integrity. Not everyone is honest enough to truthfully fulfill these plans and promises. What we need right now is a total wash - a wash off of all the unnecessary people lurking around the government seat. Starting from the presidency down to the least level. We need new people with fresh ideas. Yes, this newly signed bill would allow for the youths to fully participate but are the incoming youths themselves men and women of integrity and true honesty?

How are we sure that the concept of "godfatherism" won't be played before us? We can only hope that the future holds great things but saying that this signed bill is the total way out would be a great blunder. Irrespective of anyone's age, their ability to push consistently and effectively is what we need right now either 10years or 100years.

What do you think of the newly signed bill? Do you think it is the way out of the country's present mess?

(Image Source - Daily Post Nigeria)

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